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Can't get UR3 to do anything with detected webcam events

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  • Can't get UR3 to do anything with detected webcam events

    I am having numerous problems getting Ultimate Racer 3 to function as anything other than a track layout editor.

    Windows 7 64-bit, 3.0.31b2 paid version. Also using Logitech C260 webcam and iSpy 64-bit.

    I have searched this forum and the UR3 help and have not found anything to help resolve my situation.

    My main frustration is in trying to get webcam events to trigger anything in UR3. UR3 detects the events sent by the webcam software, but they don't actually trigger anything in UR3.

    I have set permissions on the Racer30 program folder to Full Access, and I have tried running both UR3 and iSpy as administrator.

    On the Hardware page, Hardware tab, in the RMS I/O pane, I'm not sure which entries to set to "webcam". I've tried "Detect slot car on lane 1" (through lane 4), "Intermediary lap time detected on lane 1" (through lane 4), and "Start/stop heat". The Hardware tab on the Hardware page registers events from the webcam, but they don't trigger anything in UR3. I set up iSpy exactly as shown in the video linked from this post but that video deals exclusively with the iSpy setup and shows nothing at all about the required settings in UR3.

    I have iSpy sending the message "lane1" (without the quotes) to the file URWebCam.exe (and so on for the other lanes). I've also tried sending a "start" message without success.

    Again, UR3 is definitely detecting the events from the webcam.

    I've made sure to set up a race event using the guidance in this post

    I'm also having a more minor problem on the Hardware page, Circuit Settings tab

    I can't add a picture of the circuit using the .scc option. If I select the .scc for a circuit that is not open in the editor I get an error prompt saying "Incorrect parameter." If I select the .scc for a circuit that is open in the layout editor, nothing happens. I can use a .jpg or other image format, but I don't understand why the option to use .scc is in there if it doesn't work. I can't imagine what I'm doing wrong, it should be a straightforward operation.

    The help and documentation for UR3 is pretty spotty. I've tried everything I can think of to get the webcam to trigger ANYTHING AT ALL in UR3 and I am coming up short.

    Any help at all would be appreciated. I really like UR3 as a layout editor, but at the moment that's all it is for me, and I feel like I overpaid for that functionality alone.

    If I sound a bit cross it's because I've been banging my head against this for days, and the info available online is thin at best.

    I'd prefer not to dump my investment of time and money that I've made in UR3 as a RMS platform, but I'm getting so frustrated with this that I'm getting close to doing just that.

    Thanks for any help.

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    Just carried out couple of successful tests with one lane:

    Here are my settings:

    Interval is set to 1 sec (very important to allow detection at leat every seconds)

    Arguments: lane 1 for lane #1.

    Then it works when a heat start

    I did not found how to attach 2 views on the same camera on ispy nor 1 setting per detection zone as Zone Trigger allows.


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      > I can't add a picture of the circuit using the .scc option. If I select the .scc for a circuit that is not open in the editor I get an error prompt saying "Incorrect parameter."
      ??? can you send me your scc file @ to check what's wrong




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        Webcam detection issue solved

        I installed UR3 on another machine and copied the URWebCam.exe file from the fresh install over to my main machine, replacing the existing one. Now it works.

        I don't know what happened but I'm guessing the original one got corrupted during install.

        I still get the "The parameter is incorrect" alert when I try to load an .scc file as a circuit picture in the Circuit settings tab, even the example ones that came with the program. I think I'm going to reinstall the program and see if that clears it up - my fix for the webcam issue makes me wonder if the whole install got messed up. If that doesn't take care of it I'll send you one of my .scc files.

        Thanks so much for your help, the program is amazing and very useful.



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