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UR30 Not updating

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  • UR30 Not updating

    Hi. All of a sudden, UR30 has stopped saving details.
    Laps register as they should, but do not get updated in db
    I set up a new car, but it does not show up on the left car menu. same with drivers.
    Any ideas on Why?

    Cheers, Andy

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    Try to see if closing the program after adding the new cars/drivers. Then reopen to see if they now exist. I have seen that behavior before.


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      Tried this a few times.
      cannot remember the name of the SW that can open the db file. so I can try and clen up then compress. Anybody know it? Cheers


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        Using SQLITE I have compacted the db and checked for errors. still no joy. Cannot add, delete or lap counts do not update. infact nothing updates. Anybody got any ideas? could start over, but a 80 cars and 20 drivers is one thing to update. All the info for each car... Lap times are all on the web, so that's a not a big problem. So, anybody got any ideas?


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          I don't know much about that part of the software, so this may be a very long shot indeed.

          But .... my current version of UR has stopped working altogether, however I've got several older versions and beta versions stored on an external hard drive and all of these work fine.

          So, I wonder if it might be worth installing an older version to an external USB drive, and copying your database across? It's just a thought, but it might not be the db that's the problem.

          There are older versions of the software on the website, under "History" I think.

          Or alternatively, you could make a copy of your current db, re-install the software, then copy the db back to the UR folder.

          Either way, you don't lose your original db, so maybe worth a try?


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            Great idea, food for thought. will try that in a mo. Thanks Jason.
            Being part of the dev. team, I have ever ed of UR30 on a HDD.

            OKAY. Just tried it. All versions of UR30 the same. Cannot add, delete, or lap count. Which would suggest Windows 8.1 64bit is the problem.
            Scratch Head......
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              Got IT. Fixed. Follow these instruction.


              I did spend some time yesterday, looking for this page. Found it just a moment ago.
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                Glad to hear you got it fixed.


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