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  • Some news about Ultimate Racer

    Dear Fellow Slot Racers,

    I have received several questions like: is UR still supported?
    And always answered: yes, but nothing happens. Why?????

    I released the last version of Ultimate Racer in March 2014. At this time we also made a study with Thibs and Pep6kid to investigate how UR30 race management system could be enhanced.
    We also made several design investigations with JasonB.

    I have few tons of requests, and ideas I wanted to add to the software.

    So, it was time to think about all the software instead of moving forward blindness ... and take decision

    I put the project on hold until end of 2014 in order to change my mind This project started in 2000 with a RMS vba software for my kids (v1.0), then for my friends (v2.0). In 2004 the vba rms was merged with a c/c++ track layout I developed to make a complete package.
    In 2012 the project was close to stop as I needed funds to carry out tests on real slot car equipments. That's why it became payable. I wanted to keep very affordable price fol all as UR30 and slot cars are hobbies for all (for me, development & slot car!)

    Ultimate Racer is still developed during my hobby time (vacations, evenings...) And like anyone I have another job to feed everybody at home (the slot car market is niche market!!!! )

    End of 2014, the ideas become clear: I had to change the development tool, enhance the design.

    It turned out the 14 years old UR30 technology was out dated for the RMS, but still valuable for the track layout editor.

    I investigated several languages, made tests, models. I had many discussions with developer colleagues of mine. So I would have to learn a new language (hopefully it is very easy to learn java when we are fluent in many other languages. I had changed my position mid 2014 to work on java).

    We made new design and technical studies with JasonB until April 2015. I wanted to have a html customizable race screens, and take benefit of new technologies like Android. A lot of work during my hobby time (developers will understand what I mean )

    The design is an enhancement of current UR30 one, with more capabilities to address new requests. I spent some time on the software architecture design to fit all existing and coming requests... and keep Ultimate Racer RMS 4.0 as a hobby affordable for all.

    The first code lines were written in April last year. I thought it would go faster, but I had to face many many issues (pro & personal) That's life! But I do not forget my fellow slot racers nor my slot car/development hobby.

    Work on Ultimate Racer 4.0 is going on. I hope to share first developments and have the first feedbacks in May... 2016 (this year )

    I wish you all the best, good races and fun

    Last edited by Ricky Torpedo; 04-24-2016, 06:45 AM.

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    Keep up the good work Ricky T. !


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      ULtimate Racer 4

      I love Ultimate Racer & have a great time using it.
      None of the other software can compare.
      Pit Lane Fuel sensing is Funtastic.
      Its worth every penny.
      Looking forward to UR4-Sensational
      Have a Great day!


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        Excellent news, I look forward to hearing more.


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          Great News

          Thanks for your support of the hobby. I had been looking forward to hearing from you.
          And now I am looking forward to see what develops out of UR4

          Thanks again we appreciate all you hard work


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            Hi Ricky,
            Good to hear from you again, I too was most impressed with your UR30 especially the flag man at the end of the race.
            Keep up the good work.
            Hilton Melck (South-Africa)


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              I'm a huge fan of Ultimate Racer and plug it on my personal site. If I can be of any help in testing the new version, just let me know.

              All the best,

              - my blog detailing the construction of my track and cars I've made or purchased
              - the latest photo of my home track
              - details of vintage, custom and limited edition slot cars and accessories that I'm selling


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                sure! I send you my skype account by private message.


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                  Lighten your load?

                  Can not even imagine your task at hand... Like many, I turn to someone like you (coding skills) to create the software that enhances MY fun-time / Hobby. I like others, seem to try and take advantage by making requests (for customized routines) without consideration of the work impact to you or compensating you for it.

                  I too, want to offer any assistance (limited expertise, UN-limited desire) for UR4. As before, knowing how to help is always a key, but all that is required for me is to be asked... I'm willing to try. The waiting and unknown is unbearable, but firmly believe YOUR dedication alone will make the new version nothing short of fantastic. HANDS DOWN THE BEST (VISIBLE) SLOT CAR SOFTWARE OUT THERE!


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                    yesssssss! You are more than welcome at this stage of the project. Can we arrange a skype to share the screens and collect your feedbacks?


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                      I'd need to test database migrations. Could anyone of you send your database file SlotCar30.db to Thanks!
                      Still test question: what's the average lap duration of a 24h race?
                      Do you use race computer connected on wifi/lan + internet?
                      Last edited by Ricky Torpedo; 08-17-2016, 07:39 AM.


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