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    This is my 4th track, and my first CNC track. It starts with a 3D design...

    Once you have them cut, you have to paint them...

    ...when you have the final color (in my case I also painted one slot white)...

    ...and you start to assemble them... my case, there was a hillclimb element to it, with one of the corners banked a bit...

    ...things get a little crazy, messy, and crowded as things move forward, let's shine so light on the subject...

    ...more pieces get added, and more mess get's made...

    ...geez, will this EVER be a track?...

    ...oh crap...the controller panel is just too wide. Ah hell, cut it off...

    ...ok, ok, the first lane of tape is on, and the controller panel lights work...

    After all that work, it doesn't look like much does to race on though!

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    Here is a new Ford GT going through one of the uphill corners...


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      I dont see any pictures


      • #4
        I don't get it either...I see it on my track computer, but not my laptop in the house.........hmmmmm.


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          Well, Photobucket pics in the first post don't show because of the terrible decisions that company just made.

          The Google photo in the second one isn't working because google photos must be shared in a public folder, but also I don't think "dynamic" image links like those will work on this forum.

          Although they can't be high resolution, the best solution on this forum is to just upload them to your SCI gallery. I see you have a gallery, but no photos in it. Try uploading some there, and then you can link them in your posts.


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            Let's give it a try...


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              That photo/part of the track looks sensational!!!


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                Thanks Woodslot, I tried to get as much elevation change as I could.


                • #9
                  Hey Woodslot, any chance you can repost the pics? Also, what CAD software did you use? Thx.


                  • #10
                    Sorry Hoss, but I'm not seeing the pictures anymore either. If you mean what software I used to make my Avatar, it was Inkscape which is a freeware programme.


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