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  • Braiding tutorial

    Hey Everyone,
    I don't know if Alan can make this a sticky or not, but its the braiding tutorial from my website that is no longer alive.

    happy routing,
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    That is useful!

    I'll Stick the Thread here for now, but do you think we might be able to use the pdf article in the SCI Magazine?


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      yeah no prob! I sent the Word Doc to Alan, but the file was quite large, so he might not have got it.

      best regards,


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        Magna braid

        I am looking to purchase some magna braid I live in australia and don't mind importing it does any one have contacts of where to buy and approx cost. Thanks in advance Bill


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          Thanks! That guide is fantastic!


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            I was going to test some braid today and was going to apply some DAP Original contact cement, but actually decided to read the label. It says not to use the DAP on Copper or Copper alloys. Just wanted to not that as DAP is what's recommended in the tutorial. I picked up some Liquid Nails brand contact cement which specifies that it's ok for copper.



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              Reply To Shaun

              You may have solved your problem re the cement for the braid (I just saw when you posted this question in February...) but just in case...

              In September 2006, I used steel braid on my four-lane routed wood track. In 2007 I added 20+ ft and again used more steel braid. Both times I did not use glue. I used 1/4" double stick tape by 3 M. Faster and way less messy than glue and no cleanup. But does it stick?? YES! I'm sold on it and would not use any other method. You can see my track at (Click on to Members Tracks and then go to Bruce's Circuit Villeneuve).

              I've found that the guy to call with all the answers has been Jim Honeycut in Texas. His phone number is (210) 308-6909 or ...

              I clean the wood and put a coat of laquer in the grove and where the braid will go. I wait until it is dry. Then I wipe the slot down with a white cotton towel to get everything off. This is important because it needs to be dry and clean. Then I start to lay the two sided 3M tape down. You have to take your time. The tape covering comes off and the sticky tape bonds to the wood slot. I slowly pull the covering off as I go along. The steel braid has a bit of oil on it so it should be cleaned with paint thinner and dried. Then start laying the braid down over the two sided tape.

              I have had no problems with the above method. I go over the braid with a rubber roller. You should never stretch the tape or the braid when going around corners- just lay it down- don't pull it. Sometimes though, you will have a small spot that will come up. I slide an Exacto knife under the braid and lift slightly and then put a few drops of Superglue directly on the blade and then slide it back under the braid and rub it around. Then I press and hold. Problem solved.

              Happy racing!



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                There is the other method which is much cleaner(to a point).
                A bit of history of VHB track braiding:
                Back in 2k when SHS was assembling thier Canadian White Flat track Kirk Livernash and Lee Gilbert bantered what another better method of applying braid to a track. Contact cement was fine but wasn't quick and easy to repair. Kirk came up with the 3M VHB F9469PC 5mil or F9473PC 10mil transfer tape which he used often at work. VHB tape is stong enough that they use it on those tall galss skyscraper to hold on the window to the building. Luckily it was manufactured or could be cut in 1/4" widths. Kirk braided SHS track with it and Lee Gilbert rebriaded his MTT back in 2006 with it and since then many have found it a quick and viable method of applying braid.
                RSHughes carrrys the 1/4" 9460 and 9473 VHB tape:


                I just recently finished refurbishing and rebraided a Hassie hillclimb in Gig Harbour using VHB tape to apply the braid.

                One thing that is easily missed is to apply the thin 5mil VHB tape for the main track but near the taps apply a 10mil VHB tape for added strength due to the bending of the braid under the track. It seems to need this added thickness near these sections so that it doesnt lift. You can also just use a few layers on 5mil but the 10 mil is simpler.

                The steps are:
                • Route old glue off or recess or remove old glue with Kleanstrip adheasive remover
                • Paint recess with epoxy or polyurethane finish.
                • Apply tape F9469PC to recess don't peel off backing yet but finish whole track
                • Peel off backing on one side of lane but save backing
                • Near each tap apply about 3-6" of the F9473PC 10 mil tape or double or tripple the 5mil.
                • Use the long stretch of backing to mesuring your braid length then add sutiable length for going under track for taps. Roll off spool and measure.
                • Clean Braid with Lacuer thinner or Acetone to remove rolling oils on braid.
                • Continue with all lanes to each tap one side at a time
                • Carfully press or burnish braid down on VHB tape
                • Burnish with a roller or block of rounded wood
                Clean recess:

                Use adheasive remover if necessary

                Apply VHB tape

                Measure off length of braid then clean the braid with laquer or acetone thinner

                Remove backing save to measure length of braid and add amount to goe under track for taps.

                Apply braid (add 10mil near taps) route braid into tap

                Hide your pet or kids or fellow slot racers under the remainig backing and remember to recycle....

                A full assembly of the track can be had at this link:


                Raymond Batchelor
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                  With the double faced tape, you can make it super sticky by wetting it with mineral spirits. I know that sounds funny but it works. That is how golf club grips are adhered. It is messy for sure, but the mineral spirits softens the adhesive on the tape and is gets seriously gooie. It also swells so that it seeps into the braid to hold it. It is extremely tough to get the braid back up if you let it dry. Otherwise, a heat gun would make the tape soft and stick better.


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                    I have routed my track including the recess and want to start laying the braid. I see Porsche 61 suggests painting the braid grove with lacquer. This is a great idea as the surface is quite rough. Does anyone know if I can use Envirotex instead? (I have a bunch left over from my water scenery.)


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                      if ONLY

                      we could get 3M or some after-market company to cut some VHB tape to 3/16th (4.8mm)

                      I have around 560 feet to lay in 3/16th braid in a few weeks, and oh ow ow my dodgy back after bending a while withthe glue bottle etc


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                        Slot Car Corner has a double-sided tape that can be used instead of glue. I am going to braid my track in a few days (after the paint dries). I bought a 180 foot roll of the tape along with a big roll of tinned copper braid. I have not done this before, but I will post results.



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                          thanks, know that one

                          Originally posted by astrigo3 View Post
                          Slot Car Corner has a double-sided tape that can be used instead of glue. I am going to braid my track in a few days (after the paint dries). I bought a 180 foot roll of the tape along with a big roll of tinned copper braid. I have not done this before, but I will post results.

                          SCC's tape is standard 6.25mm (1/4") for the 1/4" braid.

                          I plan to use a much narrower rebating bit this time. 14mm with a 3.18mm slot and 4.8mm braid
                          ie about 9/16ths with a 1/8th slot and 3/16th braid.
                          Bit is being made this week - brother in law will custom fit a 318 stainless pin in a bit for me.
                          My "CaD-lackie" is sitting on darft V.1 of the plan, and due to dodgy back, I'll hire a builder friend from our club to make the frame. Save me some of the tough stuff.


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                            Hey Guys

                            I have been using the VHB double sided tape for a while now but only on tracks that dont use spray glue. Can you tell me how it works on tracks that are washed down with a solvent like shellite? does the solvent soften the tape and make the braid let go?

                            Thanks Pete


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                              Do we want the braid flush with the surface?

                              How thick is the SCC double side tape?

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