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    Has anyone tried using Waterborn Epoxy floor covering? Since it is resistant to oils, battery acid, transmission fluids, greases, antifreeze, and all the nasty elements that cars dish out it should last forever on a slot car track (?) I ask because I just want to spend money wisely adn I don't like doing things over and over. Seems to me that if just spraying a cleaner down and wiping it off will clean a track spotless and it won't hurt the integrity of the surface than it should be given soem extra thought even if the price is high, it's a one shot lay it down once and forget about it finished forever kinda surface. I know that our local Ford Dealer has the stuff on his garage floors and it's awesome! You can literally powerwash the floors and they look great dn are so clean you could literally eat sandwiches off of it and never worry about any bad things on your food. It stays squeeky clean and shiny all of the time. If oil gets on it or even antifreeze or grese it just comes right off. IF it does work I'd like to know and if for some reason it does NOT work I would seriously like to know in advance. I'm planning on using it on my first routed track...

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    Why go to that expense? A track will get dusty and collect dirt. Then what about traction? That stuff may be terrible. Just use a flat latex paint. Before laying tape over it give it a very light sanding to get those small tiny pebbles off. Then run you cars for a lot of laps til you get a rubber build up.

    I clean mine once every 3-4 months by giving the tape a wipe with alcohol and then a damp cloth on the track surface. Do not wipe hard enuf to remove the rubber.

    Some pics of mine with rubber building up. It is even darker now.

    A pic


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      For a garage floor that might get spilled gas or oil on it I can see using an epoxy paint, for a slot track epoxy is simply overkill. I have raced on dozens of home and commercial tracks, a few of each type had an epoxy finish. The grip on both types of paint is the same once the latex paint is rubbered in. Latex paint is more durable than you would expect. A local commercial track with a latex finish was stripped down using lantern fuel (naphtha) from time to time with no damage. One of our oldest tracks is now 16 years old, it has a latex finish that is as good as new.


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        Epoxy coating on a slot car track is overkill and actually harder to do. Also, the coating is probably rougher. Many tracks in US has latex paint and lasted longer than track.
        When i put epoxy coating on my garage floor (quikgrete epoxy floor coating) , i had to thoroughly mix part A and Part B together and then had to brush and roll it on the floor before the stuff got too thick. Also i see the brush and paint roller texture because it is thicker than latex paint. Also the epoxy floor covering is slip resistant, so it is not meant to be smooth. For my floor i even added the chips to make it more slip resistant. Great for dull concrete floors!
        When we painted a 4ft X16ft slot car track, we only used less than half gallon, for 2 coats just painting track road. Another quart of green for the infield grass.
        The latex paint is easier to repair or fix if you want to change the track (like rerouting a turn) than the epoxy stuff.
        If the latex is too rough, brush strokes and orange peel, sand it with sandpaper and put on another coat. I don think you can do that with epoxy.
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