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    Any new updates on your track? Have you included the AC2 elements yet? If so how does it run?




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      Thanks for asking and good timing, was just going to update. The AC2 part of this will be later down the road.

      With the cold and snowy weather in my part of the country I've had a little time and hopefully more to work on the track. I built and added the controller hookup stations. Also you can see in the back that I've added more of the outside walls and cut them down to size, after the scenery is added the walls will blended into it or cut lower where not needed.

      I have been out running all my cars around the track at least once, a few need to be tuned to work at all on it. Most work good and a few are a lot of fun to race around it.

      Next up is to start some of the basic scenery work on one end and work to the middle before moving towards the raised end that the flippers will be in.
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        This coming weekend it's my turn to host my HO clubs bi-weekly race. So I had to lift the 1/32 track up to the ceiling and set up the HO track. So just thought I'd post up a pic of this, they both use the same bolt on leg frames. The ceiling is 9ft so plenty of clearance the camera angle just make it look closer. I did this over two different evenings but but probably a little over an hour of time to change the tracks out.


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          Wow can't believe it's been 3 years since I last updated this. Life, other hobbies got in the way. Also my friend that got me into 1/32 died of cancer in Feb of 2013 so I never got a chance to race him on my track. I ended up helping his widow sell off all his slot car stuff, I ended up buying a few of his cars and some scenery items. So in a way his track lives on with me.

          Anyway I've run a bunch of laps and recently added a few cars to the herd so got the track down to run those and decided it's time to start doing the scenery. Going to just take it slow and do a few sections at a time ending up with the name sake area "Stone Bridge" last , it's also will be the most complex section so working up my skills on the easier parts first.

          So started laying down a few layers of pink foam to sculpt and shape after I get them glued in place. Also can see started cutting down some of the outside walls to a more realistic height after running cars around and seeing where they really do come off the track and slide out.

          Finally this is one of his items, a pit garage he made with his team name on it 'Moonshadow Racing" that I'm incorporating in the layout. He raced a real Formula Vee in the 80's always painted yellow and that name on it.

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            Very nice track. Indybob


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              Originally posted by indybob007 View Post
              Very nice track. Indybob
              Thank you

              Finally a little more slow progress. I re-did the pit area base with the pink foam board to match the track thickness. Glued down some of the pieces, cut and shaped the overpass bridge face and finally got the pit area base painted and detailed the surface for now. Things are taking longer because for me to visualize how I want things to look and then how to implement that with the foam and paint. Small steps. Also have started to shape some of the built up layers on the end of the track that was in the last pictures. Hopefully shorter time and more done in the next update, spring seems to be here more shop time.

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                I love the tire marks coming out of the garages. That looks awesome.


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                  Originally posted by Spaceshoes View Post
                  I love the tire marks coming out of the garages. That looks awesome.
                  Thank you, very much appreciated.


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                    Looking great. Nice job !


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                      Originally posted by ratfink03 View Post
                      Looking great. Nice job !
                      Thank you very much!


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                        Small progress after finally being able to visualize some areas to how I want them to look. The far corners are getting close to being done, just need color washes and ground cover.

                        Still need to do more contouring before base color here.

                        Added the foam for what will end up looking like a rock faced incline.


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                          I loved reading through your construction progress. The track looks great. Please keep updating with photos.


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                            Originally posted by Topfuel View Post
                            I loved reading through your construction progress. The track looks great. Please keep updating with photos.
                            Thank you.

                            Unfortunately (Or fortunately) summer time weather and finally had to lift it up to the ceiling last week and stop working on it for now. So I can use the space it takes up to work on shop projects like motorcycles and cars. But I'll lower it back down late fall when the weather turns too cool to work on the other projects. And I wonder why this has taken so long to make progress on.
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                              Summer is over and after a warm fall we are forecast for some snow tomorrow. I'm back!

                              Lowered the track down a week ago to start working on it, and look what showed up today.

                              New SSD. My track is built to AC2 specs and I have the stuff to try it but just never have, I've been running it analog DC only. The past 6 months or so I've been racing with a small group of guys SSD digital on a big Scalextric track. I'm finally to the point of being competitive with them and I now have a few cars that are chipped. While the track owner there has the very nice programmable 6 car PB I found out the 4 car basic PB is dirt cheap. So I ordered up the base, power supply, controller and a lane change track. This will allow me to test and tune my digital cars and maybe I can get them to come race on my track.

                              So moving forward I already tested tonight just jumpering the 4 car PB to one lane on my track and drove a digital chipped car around the track. Next step will be to incorporate the base somewhere on the track and put a switch in to go between digital and analog. Then the biggie will be to cannibalize the lane changers out of the plastic track and embed them into my track. That is going to take some thought and work because the area I have setup for the AC2 lane changes might not be ideal for these lane change flippers.

                              Stay tuned lots more to come in the next few months I hope.
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                                Moving along and there is no going back now.

                                Made a paper template of the crossover track, transfer to cardboard then to a plywood template for the router. Freehand routed the flipper pockets.

                                Next up is the tricky backside to insert the mechanics and sensor board and get the depths right in relation to the front side. One issue I have is my lane spacing is about 1/4' or less narrower then the Scalextric track piece I'm using so going to take a little creativity with the solenoids and the the flipper bar.


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