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    Continuing, think I got all the backside routering done and to the correct depth. There sure is some thin MDF in spots. Now just left with attaching the parts and getting it to mechanically and electrically function.

    Left off tonight with painting the flipper pockets black first to make it look better and second to smooth out the surface after some sanding that the flippers slide on. I may have to put thin plastic film under it to make it work smoother. Also thinking of tapping the flipper post and using a screw for the flipper pivot instead of the original push in stud, would give me more adjustment and serviceability options.


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      Small update: I haven't finished the lane change track yet. It got very cold and wintery here, so less shop time. I brought the piece I'm working on into my basement shop to finish. All electronics and mechanical work now so not producing sawdust mess.

      The bigger news is looks like I'm buying a used SSD C7042 6 car base to incorporate into the track instead of the basic 4 car base. Now I'm compatible with the group I'm running with and can have proper race functionality.

      After the hassle of making this lane change track work I'm seriously considering just embedding into the track surface the power track with the new base and any additional lane changers I want to add. The issue with doing that is the lane spacing is just slightly wider by 1/4" on the Scaley track pieces.

      More pics as I make some progress................


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        Sorry I missed your build. I've never done AC2CAR, but I'm certain you'll like digital. We run six cars with Carrera and it's a blast.


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          Well almost 2 months later, no wonder my projects seem to take forever. Just a little update.

          Finally picked up the new SSD base couple weeks ago, the fun part is going to be figuring out where and how I'm incorporating this into the track. I also got another lane change track in the deal.

          Back to my cannibalized lane changer,no it's not done yet. Drilled all the holes for the jumper wires, now just need to finish copper taping it. (Actually it's missing a few more holes I realized I needed after the photo)

          I'm still waffling between imbedding the plastic pieces into the wood and painting to match then copper taping over them or going the route I did with the first lane changer.


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            After I trimmed back all the Carrera parts I didn't need, including rails, this is how it would look in the finished track. Happy to report everything worked out great.


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              Thank you Buspor63 for your input and pic.

              Little more progress; Got the crossover section all taped and jumpers soldered in. Placed it back in the track and tested analog the track is functional, moving the flippers manually the car smoothly lane changes before losing lane power. Next step is get the mechanics and sensors in place on the backside to test digital lane changing.


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                I'm still here and working on the 8 year track build, can't believe it was 3 years ago that I updated this.

                Anyway, last winter I completed fitting and gluing in all the foam pieces so I can really get going on the scenery. Few weeks ago I lowered the track back down to work on it and decided before I go any further I'm going to finish the digital integration. I had started with the above posts about the lane change part, I'm not going to do it that way. Instead I'm routering out the track to insert the plastic track pieces as is. This should be much more reliable for the lane changers, the way I was going to do it was proving to be not good at all.

                So already started on that part and will update with pics of the process. In the meantime here is a pic from when I finished the foam gluing last spring.

                Last edited by KJProX; 12-23-2020, 05:14 PM.


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                  Good to hear from you again, and with new pictures!


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                    Had a chance to get back at this today. With the help of my wife holding the Shopvac hose to the router I finished making the spaces in the track for the plastic track lane changers. This one fit, the other one I need to do a little more sanding on so the lane changer will fit in the track. After that it will be wiring in these parts in and painting to match track. Then will need to router out for the start finish controller track piece.



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