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  • SuzukaGTA 1/24 scale track

    Hi There:

    I have a home based track in the Weston area of Toronto, near the 401 and Weston Rd.
    We run 1/24 scale hard body cars, twice a month. Track is 5 lanes, with Trackmate race system.

    This is our second season of racing here.

    Looking to add members to the group, so feel free to contact me for further information.



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    Here is a pic of the track....52 ft lap length.


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      Nice track ! What are approx lap times ?


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        Cool track!!


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          Thanks, it was originally a 3 lane Ogilvie, graciously donated, which another club member and myself modified to the 5 lane setup.

          The outright lap record is 3.1 seconds turned by a lexan bodied group 12 wing car at our annual Scrambler event in January. The hard bodied classes which are the primary format range from 3.8 to 4.2 depending on the class being run. We run on sponge tires (although tires are open except for silicone) and the only treatment is castor oil and lighter fluid. The track surface is a satin finish epoxy. We"re having races tonight, so I better get out there.....


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            I have to add, since that pic was taken, we have added lights to the track for our night time endurance events.


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              race results November 24th, 2017

              Another wild night November 24th as the clubs two most challenging classes were on hand for the evening races.

              Ten racers checked in, two of them joining us for the first time this season, Samantha Salvaterra and Chuck Steed.

              A few of the usual suspects were unable to join us due to prior commitments, we look forward to their return.

              We had a special guest this evening as Derek Smith from, whom lives around the corner from me joined us for the evening. Derek took about 500 pics over the course of the event and we should see them on his site in a week or so. Derek has been photographing real 1:1 race cars since 1964.

              Short track class was first up, and this was a doozy. Things got off to bit of a surprising start for me, as I decided to race my brothers Dick Trickle Mustang superamerica replica, since its been sitting on a shelf here for few months. I put some fresher tires on the back and that was it for prep. I guess I should have been a little more attentive because about 5 laps in one of the rear tires flew off........luckily Dan caught it and I was able to get it reattached pretty quickly. Too bad, because the car was very competitive thereafter but the lost laps took me out of contention.

              Chuck Ingram and Giancarlo DeLuca had a seesaw battle for the win. Chuck nipped GC by two laps to take the victory, in his too cool chevy vega.

              Late arrival Jim Toye despite missing practice altogether finished third, with his camaro.

              Results: Short Track.

              No laptimes available, as I messed up the software settings. D'oh!

              Racers L1 L2 L3 L4 L5 T-Laps

              1 Chuck Ingram 38 40 41 42 39 200

              2 Giancarlo Deluca 39 38 40 41 40 198

              3 Jim Toye 41 36 38 39 41 195

              4 Terry Dalton 38 41 39 40 36 194

              5 Chuck Steed 37 38 38 39 38 190

              6 Al Welland 38 34 39 39 39 189

              7 Joe Salvaterra 35 38 39 37 39 188

              8 Dan Lapointe 33 34 33 37 35 172

              9 Samantha Salvaterra 31 29 27 29 27 143

              10 Tom Morvay 26 0 33 15 0 74

              Modifieds up next and this one never disappoints.

              Al Welland's car ended up over the wall in one incident and mine would have as well except it hit Dan LaPointe in the chest after I tangled with Chuck Steed at the end of the straightaway and my car somersaulted toward a certain hard landing on the floor. Al's car failed shortly afterward as the motor was knocked loose as a result. These open wheel cars are a real handful, but man are they fun....

              Chuck Ingram pulled off another win on the evening making it a sweep for the night in another one of his handcrafted beauties. No one was a match tonight for Chuck as he expertly avoided most of the carnage and took a solid win.

              Despite my airtime, and another crash late in the last heat, which caused gear mesh issues, I managed to place second. Jim Toye was breathing down my neck in third, only one lap back.

              Results Modifieds:

              Fast time: Terry 4.052 (G)

              ID Racers L1 L2 L3 L4 L5 T-Laps

              1 Chuck Ingram 37 42 41 42 38 200

              2 Terry Dalton 37 42 38 36 42 195

              3 Jim Toye 37 40 39 40 38 194

              4 Joe Salvaterra 37 36 40 39 39 191

              5 Giancarlo Deluca 37 39 39 38 36 189

              6 Tom Morvay 34 35 39 36 40 184

              7 Chuck Steed 35 36 37 35 32 175

              8 Dan Lapointe 32 29 35 34 32 162

              9 Samantha Salvaterra 32 29 36 29 33 159

              10 Al Welland 38 7 34 35 0 114

              Thanks to all that made what looked to be a sparsely attended event a night of great camaraderie and good racing.

              Next event event is Friday December 8th Nascar and Sports Cars hit the track.
              This will be the last race until the new year.

              Anyone like stats? Is good with record keeping, and likes the glory of a volunteer opportunity and is good with Excel, Hmmmmm??
              If anyone is able, I'd appreciate the help getting the points system up and running.

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                With much regret, racing has ended at SuzukaGTA in Toronto as I have moved to Nova Scotia from Ontario. We had our final event, the Last Waltz, September 20. The track is in the hands of Dan LaPointe at the moment and will hopefully be set up again at his home in Hanover, Ontario once Covid has run its course.


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                  Some pics from the last Waltz event September 20, 2020


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                    Nice track.


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