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Deer Meadow Race Park

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  • Deer Meadow Race Park

    Deer Meadow Race Park - built winter/spring 2007
    Marc L Gosselin (amiatanut) - track owner

    Track Details
    Designed and routed by Dickie Pearson himself!
    Scenery and painting by track owner
    Originally copper tape converted to braid summer 2008.
    Originally designed to incorporate an oval as well as the road coarse by changing a 3' section.
    When converted to braid oval was not incorporated to keep it simple.
    Lap length 77' to 78' white to blue.

    4 15"LCDs and a 40" Plasma screen keep the racers and crowds up to date with the racing.
    Power supplied by an MG Model PS10AD adjustable 10Amp supply. Most races are run at 10v.

    The 4 driver stations are spread around the track, one in each corner. You can see the white and blue stations in the picture, red is to the right and yellow the far opposite corner.

    Trackmate timing software is used with the infrared sensors and light bar.

    Fast lap is a shade above 6.5 seconds, held by Dickie Pearson in a HOST GT class Stock Scaley NASCARs run in the low 7.0s

    Tires of choice are Super Tires.

    DMRP is on the rotation for HOST and WNR races. 2 NEC races were held here and I hosted a round of the 2010 CAM AM and Cheetah Proxies and will host the 2011 events too.

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    I love your track, Marc, and I hope to race it again sometime!



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      Any time we have a race here you are welcome to attend!



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        Very, very nice track and slot room!


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          -the most technical track i think i've Ever raced on. (in the process, i tried to get my car into the crowd a few times but they knew enough to stand back!) unreal.


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            would love to race there where are you in NH i live in auburn maine


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              I'm just outside Concord, in Webster NH. I've a cousin in Auburn and my wife is from Lisbon Me. If you keep an eye on the forums here you can see where our groups race through the year. We pretty much stop in the summer, too many other things to do but come fall through spring we're quite active. The groups I participate in are the Wednesday Night Racing and HOST, both located in NH. As you can see we have clubs in Ma, Ct and NY that we get together at least quarterly. Any race you want to participate in just contact me and I'll give you the info. Most rules are listed in the separate forums. The Open House and NE Challenge Races along with the LeMans Classics races are the big group participatory races. In January we usually go to a race in NY Friday night and Saturday, lots of fun. I held a big race last May. It's pretty much who wants to host and what classes they want to run. What do you have for a track and do you hold races up there?



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                Great looking track and race room! ncng


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