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1/32 scale curious

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  • 1/32 scale curious

    I have several Scalextric Camaros, however, I've decided to venture out of the typical modifications after dressing up a plain white body with some wicked paint and decals. thought Id try to lower the stance of the car to make it more road worthy. Our local club has a 120 foot track in a semi horseshoe shape where most people run magnets (1-3) and in our club, we can displace the stock motor with any make under 21.5K. add silicones, and after market wheels, so, after redoing a fly Riley i found myself with a fly chassis and although it doesn't fit the Scaley (YET!), it makes the Camaro look wicked as I can tuck the tires under and within the body AND drop its stance considerably. Now the problem, I've never undertaken more than changing motors, axles, wheels, crown and pinion gears and this chassis will definitely require some serious trimming, cutting, drilling, and maybe some bending without hopefully distorting its dimensions too badly. The short of this long prelude is, has anyone modified a Scalextric '69 Camaro with another chassis besides the stock Scalextric? A Slot-It or Fly or another that doesn't require an engineering degree to complete the process?

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    Have a look through these galleries... LOTS of Camaros with different chassis...


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      Have you looked at simply sinking the stock Camaro chassis deeper inside the body?
      The interior will need reworking or replacing but that will be the case no matter the chassis.
      Some knifework to remove the lower front valance from the chassis, don't cut the mounting holes.
      Do the same at the back.
      Should be easy enough from there. Trim the body posts, looks like you could put the thing on the ground.

      Also in a 3 magnet race I believe the Camaro chassis would be a good start.