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Looking for a club.

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  • Looking for a club.

    I live in bartlett I am looking for a club close by so far I have not found one !

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    Is that west TN?
    We have a group here in Knoxville that runs Carrera Digital.


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      Unfortunately I am in the Bartlett, Memphis area so what I have decided to do is build myown track this is not going to be just buy a set and put it together the track at its longest point will be at least 12 ft long!


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        12 feet is good. If you can manage more, even for just the straightaway, then go for it. We all understand space limitations, though.

        Good on ya for building a track. Start your own club! All it takes is a track, some friends, and a name.


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          With more than a half-million folks in the Memphis area you should be able to find a few racers. Look around for a hobby shop that deals with slot cars and drop some flyers. Put up an ad on Craig's List. Maybe even put together a Facebook page for your new club. Be ever vigilant and endeavor to persevere.

          The best of luck to you.


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            There's guy that goes by the name of "Bibbster" on some slot forums that is in the greater Memphis area, he has some home tracks.