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Barn Door Motor Speedway - Build Underway!

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  • Barn Door Motor Speedway - Build Underway!

    Hello Everyone!

    Finally getting around to building the table(s) today for the Barn Door Motor Speedway (one can only spend so much time in the research, design and purchase phases, eh?). Based on some room constraints, I went with a final surface dimension of 132 x 87 inches (335 x 220). I'm using 3/4 ply for the surface, with 1x4 reinforcement underneath. I suspect that's overbuilt, but I understand most noobs overbuild their first tables anyway.

    I did a good bit of reading about construction, especially as it relates to table legs, and I finally decided to avoid the question totally and use IKEA cubes for support. My wife was wondering where I was "going to store all the bits associated with my new hobby" and this approach looked like a good way to kill two birds with one stone.

    Not a lot to see yet, but here are a couple photos of progress so far today (re: the center of three tables). The biggest pain in the neck so far has been putting the cubes together!

    Support.jpg​​Cubes.jpgCenter Table.jpg

    My current plan is to use window sash locks to pull the decks together snugly (though I may just screw them together if all else fails).

    More to come!

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    The cubes are a great idea! I have a 4x1 that I use for car storage and to sit the PS on. Track Storage.jpg
    Do you have a track layout plan?


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      Darn! Using cubes wasn't an original thought then? That's the problem with IKEA hacks, most of them have already been done.

      I'll post my proposed layouts in a few mins...but first....another Barn Door Motor Speedway update:


      Done with the heavy lifting hopefully....mind, it's all part of the fun!
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        Here are the latest three...I posted them over at SlotForum as well. I'm currently leaning toward the top one:

        BWH Track 2.jpg
        BWH Track 3.jpg
        BWH Track 1.jpg


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          Nice! Is there any Banked Curve in either of the three layouts? If not, then I'd go with the third one. Reason being (I think) you're going to want to pull the trigger to the max for at least a second or two if you can - the third one lets you do that starting at Turn 9. You can take that to the next level if you turn Turn 9 into a banked curve!! Capture.JPG


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            Nothing banked in those plans, truthfully I really hadn't considered it. NooOOooOooooOOo! More stuff I'll just *have* to buy now!

            Honestly, I was steering away from that one just because of the shorter pit lane setup. I can see this is going to be a problem hobby--no space will ever be sufficient for my next best plan.

            I figure to try a number of them before I settle down and start building scenery.


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              Weekend update--completed V1 of the BDMS today. I'm sure it'll get more complex with time, but I wanted to get started with something on the simpler side while I'm getting used to the controls.

              Here's the latest:

              The second layout if the one I figure to try next (we'll see how long it takes to get to "next").

              Dingle--I put a bit of banking on a couple of the turns--wunderbar!

              BDMS V1.jpgBDMS V1 Photo.jpgBDMS V2 Photo.jpg
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                Looks better! Just be sure you can reach a deslot under the elevation in the back corner!


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                  I’ve got about 16” all around the sides and back. At the moment, I still fit!


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