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Slot Track In A Trunk. Router Practice.

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  • Slot Track In A Trunk. Router Practice.

    Hi kids.
    I thought I would try some router practice before I engage on a larger race track.
    Here is what i made for the trunk of my '03 Jeff Gordon Signature Edition Monte Carlo SS. It gives people something to do at car shows and introduces the slot hobby to others.
    I have since painted it to look like a parking lot and am in the middle of adding a timing system. Now I just need to find some 1/32 cones.
    I don't know how to add pictures but here is the link to a short you-tube video.

    you people inspire me with your advice, your skills and willingness to share ideas.


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    Tailgating just took on a whole new meaning!... LOL!

    I love this forum. Good work!



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      Great trunk track. I'd like to see more of the Monte too.
      Here's an idea, if you want make your own cones. Get some doweling. Cut off a piece and put in your drill. Shape it on sand paper, preferably while the drill is spinning. When you get the shape you want, cut that one off and start another. I had some flat plastic around from something, I cut for the bottom of each one. Spray them and hand paint the stripe.

      Hope it helps out.


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        Very cool Graham, nicely done!

        Frank, great idea on the cones!


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          more cone ideas

          Considering most parking lot racing (Slalom, Solosport, whatever) uses smallish cones - probably about a foot high, which translates into 3/8" high - I would suggest using some 5/16" dowel in a pencil sharpener. After sharpening to desired pointyness cut off 3/8", repeat until you have a pile of cones! Apply paint.



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            Len, Frank, Lou & Pete.
            thanx for the comments........Everyone loves the cars when I open the trunk at shows.
            Some people have even expressed interest in slot racing. Good for the hobby.

            Great idea on using the pencil sharpener and the drill. I was set on making them out of plastic but "wood is good"! I was thinking of using magnets in the bottom and a piece of metal under the MDF to keep them in-place. Maybe a metal base and put the magnets under the MDF would be better.
            The timing system is a surplus RadShack ZIP-ZAP unit that were being clearanced for $1 each!! I picked up a few of these for timing devices. Perfect for a slalom as they only work for one car at a time. I remoted the LCD display unit to the underside of the trunk lid and embedded the IR LED & photcells in the slot. But the pick-up goes by too fast to trigger the electrics. I may have to point the photocells up and have an overhead IR light source on a lamp post.
            I'll learn how to post pictures eventually.

            thanx for the help.......... graham


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              Nice job!
              I take it that there is a 12 volt power point in the trunk?


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                Frank:..... Thanx for the cone idea. I made some the other nite. Worked great.
                I'm looking to make the base of the cones from a thin sheet of metal. Then I will locate some magnets under the track to hold the cones in-place just enuff for travelling but allow them to move if hit by the slot car.
                noddaz:.....When I shot the video a couple of weeks ago the set was powered from a small train transformer but I now have a 12VDC source connector in the trunk. Totally self contained.
                . graham


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                  Hmmmmmm...makes me think getting a mini-van ain't a bad idea

                  Great idea, Graham, and nicely executed

                  Da Vols - Bruce & Harriet & Kali


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                    TOY Hauler

                    Maybe even a very large Toy Hauler so there would be room for several people to race!!! Love the trunk setup!


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                      Trunk Track Photo


                      A photo of the track-in-a-trunk.



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                        I redid the Monte Carlo Trunk Track the other day.
                        it needed some attention after years in the trunk and many shows.
                        Repainted, restriped rewired & retaped...... good as new.
                        I even fixed the built-in timer system and put it back in the trunk for the day when car shows return.

                        thanx for looking.


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                          Originally posted by nascar03 View Post
                          Now I just need to find some 1/32 cones.
                          H&R makes some realistic traffic cones made from silicone. It is a set of 10 for $5.50. Cincyslots has 1 set left. I'm not sure though if they are 1/32nd or 1/24th. Part# HR701.


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                            #32lbKING.. thanx for the cone link. I’ll check that out.

                            Here is another video, before I repainted, of the track in the car. ‘03 Monte Carlo SS.


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