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How to wire for negative polarity?

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    Additional Feedback

    Fuses holders and fuses are relatively inexpensive - fuse both sides of the circuit (ideally for each lane). With a power supply rated at 4 amps continous, I would not recommend a thermal breaker or PTCC. Stick with traditional fuses - 1.5A - 2.0A would be a good place to start.

    Referring to your original diagram, wire the LANE REVERSING switches between your panels and the terminal block where you distribute power to the power taps (where it says "Revert Direction Option").


    Team Super Tires (R)
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      My best advice is to get the dual polarity conversion kits for your controllers and switch them over to positive polarity. It would also be better to use alligator clips or XLR plugs. If you have seperate reversing switches for each lane changing the track polarity is easy, just switch the wires at the power supply and flip the reversing switches. If you never have guests with their own controllers it does not matter how your track is wired. If there is any chance that you would be holding races on your track you would be better off with standard wiring. I have raced on a track where different lanes had different polarities and the one racer with a PM controller was going crazy.
      I have several Cidex Omni controllers that use bridge rectifiers, so basicly they have two sets of diodes and can be used with either polarity. I also have three transistorized controllers that are dual ploarity, two of them use plugs that have to be changed and one has a toggle switch.


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        Sure am glad I found this thread
        Got a couple of new controllers for Carrera track hookups and didn't want to "trial and error" connect them.
        Thanks for the info 356


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          Positive or negative controller

          So if I have a positive controller on order, and the track I race is negative, what I read from this is that I can't use it or just change a couple of wires to reverse it. So I should send it back or resell it and try again with a different one? Does this only apply to the analog controllers. The ads for digital ones usually don't specify polarity.


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            The only way to change a Controller polarity is.

            You have to change the module to change polarity on the analog controllers, reversing the wires will not work.

            Check the diagrams I posted at the beginning of this thread.

            For Digital most controllers are plugging into a Set Power Base so are using the standard wires which can not be reversed. Scalextric Digital is AC current at the rails, I believe most of the other systems are DC, but if I remember right these are 2 wire systems the chip carries the brakes, it is not dynamic braking via a short at the controller, rather the chip applies the braking effect to the motor. ( it's late and I do not have a controller to hand )

            Hope this helps some.
            Alan Smith
            SCI Owner.



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              Here's how I do it:

              I use my 45-year-old Model Railroad power supply that has a switch for reversing polarity for running the trains (or slot cars) in either direction.
              It furnishes 3 amps of current from 0 to 20 volts DC.

              It's the greatest thing I've seen for powering all kinds of electric scale models!

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                Hi Pitstop
                There's two sorts of polarity which are easy to get confused.

                1 The polarity which controls which way the motor turns (and makes the car go in the opposite direction)

                2 The polarity which controls which way the current passes through the controller. (that's what this thread is talking about).

                Reversing the power supply polarity change both polarities.
                If you are using a simple resistance controller or a "dual polarity" electronic controller that'll work fine - the car will go in the opposite direction.
                If you are using an electronic controller that isn't "dual polarity" it won't work and the controller may well be damaged.


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         THAT'S what youre talkin' about!

                  You're talkin' about reversin' the polarity on each lane INDIVIDUALLY, not on all lanes at once on the whole layout!

                  Well, I can reverse the polarity on the whole layout, AND reverse the polarity goin' to the motor on my Charger, just by flippin' a switch on the underside of the car.

                  Yowsah, Yowsah, Yowsah!


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                    Hi PitStop

                    What we are talking about is wiring the track so all controllers will work. Your method will damage some controllers when the cars are reversed. Guess your experience must be limited to types of controller that'll work with either polarity.

                    Wiring up the track so all the cars go backwards at the flick of one switch WITHOUT blowing up controllers is pretty easy.


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                      My method doesn't hurt a thing!

                      I've reversed all the cars I own, and all I have to do is set them on the track in the other direction, reverse the polarity on the Power Supply, and everything is Jake!

                      I have the simplest, cheapest hand controllers you can buy, and they work just great, and have very efficient short-circuit braking!

                      PitStop (My experience is limited to 36 years as a Lab Test Engineer with Boeing, which includes Wind Tunnel, Antenna Range, and Weapons Control work.)
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                        Hi PitStop
                        Yip, that'll work just fine with simple, cheap hand controllers.
                        Should you ever try more up market controllers you will need to discover what your method hurts.


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                          Negative polarity/transistor controller

                          I have two Carrera tracks. One is wired positive, with SCC controller hookups, and the other track is using the original Carrera track controller hookups, so it is negative. I am using Professor Motor transistor controllers on both tracks. I can tell you for sure that you CAN NOT use them on the other polarity track. I bought a couple of controllers from the local hobby store and someone had tried the negative controllers on the stores positive wired track. It said on the package that they worked fine, you just had to reverse the wires. DON'T do this, the controller would only work at full power. I have put a label on each of my controllers to make sure how it is wired. When the clubs race, the host provides the controllers for the track, so I haven't had any problems with others hooking up the wrong polarity controller.



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                            Here is how 1/32nd set tracks are wired, this is called negative polarity, calls it Common Positive.

                            Here is the way most club tracks are wired, this is called positive polarity, calls it Common Ground.

                            Here is positive polarity track wiring with a track direction reversing switch, there needs to be a separate switch for each lane.

                            Devices like diodes and transistors only conduct in one direction, so controllers that use those are polarity sensitive. Some controllers include a diode so they won't be damaged if the polarity is incorrect, but they still will not work.
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