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  • POWER SUPPLY and Lights

    Im running a 25 Amp Regulated POWER SUPPLY PYRAMID PS26KX on my two lane track. Can I use this to run lights around the track? And will this take away power from my cars?

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    Unless you're running vast numbers of lights, that power supply will be barely noticing two cars anyway........
    2 cars drawing 0.2 to 2 amps each.....depending on whether you run magnets. and which motors.

    tiny 'grain of wheat" bulbs, like used by model railroaders - and me, draw 50ma each at 12V - 0.05 amp...... so 20 = 1 amp.
    3mm white 12v LEDs draw less than this each, and are brighter.

    BUT, if you like to turn down your voltage, you'll be affecting your track lights as well, and LEDs will cease to work at maybe 10.5 V?? Someone correct me, that figure may be wrong.


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      Been der, burnt dat

      Adding lighting to your track will definitely add another dimension, just like adding elevations.

      But having attempted to wire lights into a PS26 before and watched the lights blow and the cheapo wiring that came with catch fire/disintegrate, even at lower voltages, I wouldn't attempt it.

      I ended up going to a model RR shop and picking up a used model RR power supply (< $20) for the lights and haven't turned back.

      My 2 cents...

      Cheers, eh!


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        Check out any local thrift stores for extra "brick" type power supplies (transformers) in the 3 - 12 volt DC range. My local Value Village has them for $2 a piece. Depending on what you find just buy lights to match the voltage, whether you use 3 volt LEDs or 6 or 12 volt incandescent bulbs. Of course, this assumes that you are making your lights from scratch. If you have bought assembled lights then you will need to try and match the transformer to the power requirements of your bulbs. If there are more than one with the same voltage then go with the one with the higher amperage rating. More amps = more lights. Most bricks are around 250 - 300 milliAmps, but I have found some up to 750 mA.



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            Take a look at this article on track lights:
            That Pyramid power supply does have enough amps to run both your cars and a bunch of track lights, but since the cars and lights will probably not be running at the same voltage it might be better to have a separate power supply for the lights.
            LED lights use much less power and also last a lot longer. 36 of the LEDs that I use only draw a total of 0.3 amps. LEDs are fussy about the voltage that they need, 0.5 volts too much will shorten their life and 1 volt too much will cause them to burn out immediately.
            Last edited by RichD; 06-26-2022, 07:38 AM.


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              I thought I'd mention...

              I've had the privilege of racing on RichD's HO oval 'under the lights'. Quite an experience. He has lights spaced around his entire track, and watching your car as it passes them is like there's a strobe light. Very freaky. Adding some 1960's classic rock at major volume would be entirely wild.

              Ed Bianchi


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                The strobe effect takes some getting used to. If I had more lights that effect could be eliminated or at least reduced. The oval has 22 light poles with two LEDs on each one, I got tired of making lights! I used finish washers as the reflectors because they were the only thing that I could find that looked right, but they are not the ideal shape. As far as music goes, I actually like classical music. Back in the '60's the local track played the Radetzky March by Johann Strauss Sr. during practice, I do have a copy of that which I could play if Ed ever races at my house again.


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