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  • SCX for beginners

    When I got back into this hobby a year and a half ago. I did a lot of research, before deciding on a set. As, I was using my grandsons as an excuse to buy a slot car set. They were a definite influence on my decisions. I had a choice of SCX, Scalextric sport, and Carrera. Only, 1 store carried the scalextric and had a very limited selection and didn't really seem to care. I was down to SCX and Carrera. More stores around here carried SCX and had a better selection and more accessories. The main reason, I chose the SCX is the ease of putting the track together and the track is more pliable than carrera, so it is easier for a 6 and 8 year old to put together. If, the track does not quite match up, there is some give to make up for it. My only regret is not being able to run 1/24 cars.
    As many of you know SCX is the Spanish version of Scalextric classic track. The surface is a little rougher than sport, but it is a little wider. Sets go from $60 for a rally set (This is what my grandson's got.) to $200+ for bigger sets. ( I put the + sign as I bought a F1 set for $175 and a "Pro" competition set for $200 dollars. The "Pro" set retailed for $275, but my hobby store will match a buy it now price on epay.
    SCX, does a good job of adding an extra "bonus' with each different set. Besides getting the track and cars, they add different accessories with different sets. My F1 set came with a lap counter and the Pro competition set came with better controllers with interchangeable resisters. (Not as, good as aftermarket, but better than the usual chintzy basic controllers), It also came with "Performance" cars. The grandsons set came with a "slide" curve, tha has aluminum rails that makes the mags non-functional. Other sets, have included lap timers, and wireless controllers.
    The cars: Simply put the SCX cars are everybody's favorites! The F1 cars are more detailed than the Carrera ones that I have and have working steering. The control arms on the steering will pop off, if you get together with another car and is a pain for these old eyes to see. But, I have never had one break and they get raced hard! The "Pro" set came with the Dome Judd and Audi R8, these cars came with upgraded parts, such as the turbo motor, better tires and lightened bodies. The lights are fantastic and unlike some other people I have had no problems with them. ( I have 4 Lemans cars now with lights). I am very pleased with the quality and detail on all my SCX cars and they have required the least work of any cars that I own. ( I must qualify, this statement. Being the fastest car is not important to me. As my friends and family use my cars, it is more important to me that they are equal in performance for closer racing.) The rally cars are 4 wheel drive and sturdy little beasts with few parts to break off and perfect for younger drivers and wives!
    Accessories are readily available, and I can get what I want within a week from the hobby store. As, I had 2 wally warts for power, I was able to buy a duel power supply track that has a switch for direction of travel for under $15. One, problem that I have encountered is that my lap counter and timer have different style sensor tracks. While they are interchangeable and will run either accessory, one has the old trip cam mechanism and I have no idea how the other works. The cam is very reliable, but the other will not register some of my Fly cars, but will work with others. ( My BEST accessory was the starting tower that matches the lap timer to make a bridge. This has stopped my wife's "1-2-GO-3!") A bonus is that Scaly parts are compatible and you can get some interesting old classic accessories for it. I have bought a switchable pit lane and added the Lemans start to it. Also, available is the "Turbo Start" that makes the tires smoke. As, people move up to sport track, old classic track is abundant and can be bought at bargain rates.
    Going Digital: Bad news SCX digital is not compatible with old SCX track. Good news with a Scaly classic to sport adapter, you can add scaly digital to your SCX track. (DUH!)
    Slot car racing is very big in Spain and I expect SCX to be around for a long time. They have been big on Rally cars, but with Alonso doing so well this year in F1. I hope they will get out more f1 cars.
    In closing, I feel that SCX is a viable alternative, and very good bargain. As many of you know, I bring the track into the firehouse on weekends (It fills up the trunk on a Mercedes E class! With all the track and cars). The ease of putting the track up and taking it down is a real plus for this system. Great system for rug racers, kids, and dumb firemen.

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    Nice post you got there cruizbz. We are headed towards having a one stop, easy to find, no hunting around, list of features/benefits for newbies.


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      Wow cruiz...awesome review. SCX looks like a great way to go as far as getting the most bang for your buck. My SCX Audi Crocodile is one of the fastest and easiest to drive in my fleet. A consistent race winner and driver favourite.

      I've chucked my Scalextric Sport bridge pylon system (useful only for the most rudimentary elevation changes in my track designs) for the brilliant SCX Track Elevation System. With it, you can build the most amazing structures.

      These work like a charm on my Scalextric Sport track for varying the elevation and camber of any bridge structures. The only downside is the cost, and the toy-like appearance to those more concerned with the modelling aspects of this hobby. By far the most solid bridge building system for rug racers.

      I agree with you that flexible track pieces are a plus for rug racers as they can be stepped on without being broken, and that there is enough leeway when lining up those last two pieces when you're building a new layout to hook it all together. This is great when one is improvising a track layout instead of going by a predetermined track plan.

      I've often contemplated tracking down some of those old Scalextric Classic accessories like the pit lane, le mans start, and goodwood chicane. These would drop right into an SCX layout. The sliding curves sound like a lot of fun. What's your experience with them? I'd love to see a photo of one of your firehouse layouts. Bring IT ON! :eek

      And, thanks for sharing your SCX racing experience with us.


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        Dr. Vanski, you've done it! You've built "Parking Garage International Raceway"!

        Thanks for posting this. SCX gets very little 'air time' for some reason, so it's nice to hear what they have in the way of sets and accessories. And while I don't hear a lot of people raving about SCX, I also hear very few complaints, and that's gotta be worth something.


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          Dr. Vanski, The skid curve is a lot of fun. It makes a 180 degree turn at the regular radius. It does come into a chicane. And you can really get the tail out and power drift.
          I believe the abundance of SCX sets and parts around here is do to the fact a main distributer is located just outside of Chicago. My only real complaint with them, is that they include the outside borders with their sets, but not the inside. You can't buy just the insides without getting more outsides. I have solved this by getting the Scaly inside borders. I also like the solid metal electrical connections, instead of wires for the cars. A problem is them making contact with the braids at times, but they are easy to bend for better contact. I did not mention it, but the starting tower beeps and flashes red and green lights somewhat like an F1 start. But, It kills power to the track till the light goes green. I also, should add that the bridge supports that came with the Pro set consisted of 2 complete bridges that have side walls and adjustable supports and are 3 regular straights long. Many times I will use just the bridge wall sections as they only raise the track about an inch and add a little rise and interest to the track. Another , plus with the cars is the adjustable mags, which makes it easy to match cars performance with each other. Thanks for reading. Richie:smokin


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            Personally, I was forced into buying SCX as it was the only track that I could buy in town. I find that the older pieces are very nice quality, but other than that, its a nice system. They are constanstly revising their products to make them better, they have made borders that fit much better than the older ones, which was definately necessary. I think the future will hold interesting things form scx.



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              Note that the SCX track will connect directly to Scalextric Classic and can be used with adapters to incorporate Sport track.

              Since it is the same size as Classic and Sport all of the Scalextric borders and barriers will fit SCX if desired.



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                Hi Guys!

                If any of you are in need of an scx super sliding curve or the adapter tracks from scx/scaley classic to scaley sport, I have some for sale really cheap in the for sale pages under BRP32 "Everything for $20 shipped". I am no longer in need of this stuff and just want to clean out the basement by giving someone a good deal on it.




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                  I am 42 and my GF bought this + 4 years old real beginner Spanish only set in Spain while spending new year vacation. Now I can't keep my hands off it & keep on expanding the tracks. SCX Compact ES & Alonso did a great job selling this X mas item on sales at 30 euro!
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                    At one recently as 2003, Scalextric had a "pacer" option which allowed you to race against yourself..this has been dropped, but SCX seems to have a similiar option now..does anyone know if this is true or not?


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                      Hi Macknnc, Not sure what the original Scalextric pacer option was, but SCX Digital has a Pace car or Safety car that memorizes your track and then self drives. You can race against it by yourself. Only other option comes to mind is to use Chronometer and time yourself for best lap.


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                        SCX, Conjecture and Fact

                        SCX has recently been purchased, and will have new management and possibly new direction. Leading up to this event, there has been much angst and conjecture among the SCX loyall. OK, they closed SCXWW, but you can go here:

                        fact..SCX analog has new track that closely resembles the digital track, (without the digital power-line), replacing the old scaley classic style track. They have sets available with the new track, and now the digital and new analog track can be successfully mixed.

                        fact....To date, they still have Bryan and the Tecnitoys USA service team. Very important, and a real advantage over other systems.

                        The new owners seem committed to continuing the product line, obviously they didn't buy it to loose money. Will they continue with the same product mix, or continue as more of a toy line, abandoning the hobby store model? Who knows.

                        They are still in business, things will change, (like discontinuing SCX Worldwide). Beyond that, it's all conjecture. In the mean time, SCX analog and digital remain in the stores and at the online retailers.

                        I know SCX does not have much of a presence here at SCI. With the closing of SCX Worldwide, I expect that to change.

                        08/31/2012 This is good news....

                        09/07/2012 More good news....
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