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  • Yard Sale & Flea Market Finds

    I have found lots of cool scenery and details bits for mere pennies at Yard Sale and Flea Markets. Maybe we could use this thread to post some of the stuff we find, to help give ideas to others for whats available if you care to look at used stuff.
    Anyway, I sometimes stop at and look for Toys and other background bits in 1:24 scale which I model in. And well...this is what .50¢ netted me today :

    This chevy Van/Ambulance measures out to 1:24 scale, and looks fairly accurate considering it was just a toy

    Funny thing is, I already have TWO other 1:24 scale ambulance, although they are all different types.

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    Nice find Ralph! Looks like a nicely detailed track too, do you have pics posted of more of it anywhere?


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      Yes I do, you musta missed my thread- - more up to date pix as a 4 laner on pg 2. Also, a couple short video clips on a dif forum (Video on pg.3)-
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        He's got all the cool toys
        Wish I could find a deal like that on 1/32 scale emergency vehicles.
        Great place for some JJJ light treatments.


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          Found some Cheap Peeps....

          Okay, so I'm out and about, and stop at a Yard Sale, and notice a plastic baggy on a table marked .50¢ and it contains the following 1:32 scale Soccer Players ! Alright, I know what you're thinking, what the Heck do we need Soccer players for on a Race Track? Well, with a little detailing help from a paint brush, these Figures will be Re-Born into convincing looking Spectators !
          BEFORE -

          Below- Pix of FOUR of the Transformed Soccer Players....
          AFTER -

          BTW- these guys would now also fit great with an Auto Racing Motif as well....imagine the guy with both hands up holding a pit board- or as just a spectator cheering, the guy reclining could be a weary racer trying to chill after a tough heat, etc....


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            Sofa Size ART/ Backdrop

            A few days ago, I was at another Flea Market, and found a framed 24"x48" Sofa Sized Landscape Painting(Litho), of a Meadow and Pond, and the price was only $3.00 ! Sooo..Duh !

            Anyway, I've since de-framed the landscape and mated it upto my existing Barn/Rural landscape Backdrop, and then did a little hand artwork myself to blend the seam. Which I did by trying to re-paint and match the sky, mountain and some trees. And well, here is the final result...


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