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Miglio di Molfetta - New Pics of Finished Track 9/10 - pg 9

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  • Miglio di Molfetta - New Pics of Finished Track 9/10 - pg 9

    I had posted a thread in the Routed Track portion of the forum several weeks ago, and I thought since I'm at the point of building the scenic portion of my track, I'd share some pics with those of you who enjoy creating scenery as much as I do. It's called "Miglio di Molfetta" or Molfetta Mile, and is based on the town in Italy my ancestors hail from, which is just north of Bari in south eastern Italy.

    And since I won't include any of the track build itself, as that's included in the other thread, I'll begin at the point where I painted my track.

    I used 4 coats of magnetic primer and a topcoat of flat latex "concrete gray" paint.

    The first section I started on was the cliffs and the area I call the "cut". I began forming the basic lay of the land with common household screening and extruded foam board.

    That was followed by first covering the contours of the land with plaster clothe, and then adding pounds and pounds of plaster, and sculptamold. I cast a portion of the outcroppings in latex molds, but my patience soon began to wear thin and the bulk was sculptamold I contoured and shaped by hand.

    I then sprayed everything flat black.

    When that was dry, I took out the brushes and earth toned acrylic craft paints, and began painting and dry-brushing. A bit of flock here and there and some shrubs, and things started popping to life.

    In building the terrain, I employed two methods: one, as described above with plaster & sculptamold and two, by carving the extruded foam directly. I used this method in this section as well. In short;
    First, I cut the foamboard to fit into a given area, and stack and glue them with liquid nail to the desired height. When dry, I carve them to simulate rocky outcroppings:

    Then a quick coat of flat black spray paint:

    Then I drybrush some highlights:

    Finally, I add flocking and bushes:

    When dry, I simply "pop" them into place and the end result is quick and easy, and blends in perfectly as you can see to the left and right of the plastered section -

    After a few details like guard rails and trees, I moved onto another portion which was to simulate rolling hills and farmland. I followed similar techniques:

    I'm really enjoying this part of the build, and though I've still a ways to go, some interesting and fun details are beginning to emerge -

    Road signs for SS16 (State Road #16). I researched the distances and direction to ensure their accuracy -

    An abandoned farmstead. I really enjoyed building and weathering the floorboards and collapsed roof from scratch -

    The bridge trestle was built from cutting up (3) 6" Lionel trestles and piecing them together to make one large trestle, which I painted to appear weathered -

    This will eventually be a vineyard. It has a "just watered" look to it, and you can see the Olive Tree grove in the background -

    A weathered & aged wooden billboard -

    A farm will reside just beyond this chicane -

    The "Cut" -

    Anyway, although I spend most evenings rubbering the track in, I've still got quite a bit more planned on the scenery front and I intend on finishing over the next couple of weeks. If anyone's interested, I'll continue to post my progress.

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    That is just beautiful. You're very talented.


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      Oh Yeah, we're interested!

      Great job, and quite a lot of progress, despite time for track rubber maintenance! the Carved insulation foam rock looks like the best I've seen from expensive molds, Bravo.

      thanks for sharing, look forward to the next post


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        Amazing work! Please post more pictures of your progress.


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          Nicely done I'll be starting on my track scenery soon so thanks for the ideas.


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            Beautiful work, really brings the track to life.


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              This is so good, I'm going to Stick it at the top of this Forum for now. But keep in mind folks, it's Replies that keep a Thread onscreen when people click on 'New Posts'.


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                Thank you veeeery much for this thread. I was looking for something like this for my track!
                Hey, these rocks rocks! (is is correct? )


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                  That looks so nice. All of it. I especially like the vineyard, that's something we don't see very often.


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                    Thank you all so much for the kind words.
                    The reason I felt compelled to show so many step-by-step photos is to illustrate to those that really long for a scenic track but are somewhat timid to dive in, just how quick and easy it can be.

                    For example, the photo below show the foam extruded foam I laid about 7:30 AM on a Saturday morning -

                    And then I snapped this pic just after lunch that very same day -

                    That included shaping the foam, covering it with screen, laying the plaster clothe, letting it set up, a quick trip to the hardware store, paint, flock, and replacing the guardrails in the distance. I may have even taken a coffee break or two in that time!

                    Yes, I tend to work fast. and yes, I've done scenery before, but the point is that it doesn't take all that long even for a beginner and really isn't that hard at all if one can just see the methods utilized (again, why I was compelled to show step-by-step photos).

                    As far as the track portion, I know it may sound a little like a commercial, but I must restate it - although I've done scenery before on my previous plastic tracks, Luf made this first experience with a routed wood track amazingly easy - Thanks buddy!

                    Enjoy the pics folks. I promise I'll post more as it develops



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                      Hi Len,

                      looking this shot (extract of my passport), you can immagine why I follow your thread:

                      Best regards and congratulations for the track/scene.



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                        Originally posted by triplex View Post
                        Hi Len,

                        looking this shot (extract of my passport), you can immagine why I follow your thread:

                        Best regards and congratulations for the track/scene.

                        Monopoli - 72K from Molfetta.
                        Michele, I'm doing my best to ensure the end result is a true representation of the place of your birth, so if you have any suggestions or comments, I'm all ears!

                        All the best,


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                          Great looking scenery!


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                            WOW!!! That is awesome. Very inspiring.



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                              Great Work! Please keep the progress pics coming.


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