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How to add Carrera banks to Ninco track?

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  • How to add Carrera banks to Ninco track?

    I have a 93ft Ninco analog track and would like to add the section in blue with Carrera 2/30 20572 banks to keep the cars moving fast. Any ideas besides buying a pair of custom made Ninco to Carrera adapters for $200 us.

    How much can I bend Ninco curves to come close to 30 deg? Thanks in advance.

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    Well I found this on a Germany website
    "Pitslot transition piece to fit the specified systems"
    "Ninco Fleischmann Car Rally 2 lanes"
    not a great translation

    Looks like a Carrera to Ninco adapter?


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      That's an adapter to Fleischmann slot car track. My references say that Ninco and Fleischmann are approx the same width (18cm track; 9cm lane width and slot separation), so the slots are the same distance apart throughout.

      Carrera track is wider than Ninco, so a Ninco/Carrera adapter will have a transition area where the slot separation changes between Ninco and Carrera (9cm vs 10cm).


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        Oh, tks for reply. Here is another photo of Dave Carter's "Camp Dennison Speedway" with Carrera to Scalextric adapter out of plywood. He did it so he could have Carrera banked curves.


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          I think your best bet is to route a transition out of MDF, you can get the material and tools including the router for probably less than half of the price of the adapters.


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            Here's one way.

            Not my idea, just a googled image, thought it might do the trick fairly easily.
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              WOW, thanks Mikeyslots, what do you google, I spent two hrs searching... I wonder if the transition works at full speed?


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                I just googled Ninco to Carrera track adapter but it took me a while to find it. After looking again, this person eventually did it another way. It is here:


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                  Good link Mickeyslots, gives me the courage to get out the scalpel and custom make an adapter. For the record here is number two "Ninco to Carrera adapter" on the Dave Carter track.


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                    Hey what Carrera bank (part # or R#) is this on your track, this is what I want to do.


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                      Lou E, I have a router and bit...still in the box, does anyone have close ups of how you make the joint. Not worried about the electrical part, just the joint?


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                        Ross, those are 3/30's. You may want to do 4/15's on the outside and 3/30's on the inside. By outside I mean the corner of the diagram bottom right. I'll PM you.


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                          Some pictures for you

                          The first picture is using 4/15's on the outside and 3/30's on the inside. The 4 x 13 area is loosely roped off by the extension cord.

                          The next picture has 3/30's on the outside and 2/30's on the inside.

                          The third picture and the one that fits your diagram best (without using 1/30 banks) is with two 2/30's both inside and out.

                          The last picture is a close up of all the banked curves. 4/15 on the outside, 3/30 in the middle, and 2/30 on the inside.

                          Hope this helps with your plans.


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                            Wow, nice post, thanks, never seen it shown this way. Yes I agree and for the record R1 banks are not car friendly due to front end scraping. So I think I like your first picture with 4/15 outside, then the 3/30 inside, which is the direction the cars prefer to go, allowing more speed before the final Carrera harpin turn. And like you said, allow 2 Carrera straights before/after the banks to allow the track to naturally flatten out.

                            BTW I have 3ft between straights centerlines entering this Carrera blue zone or 4ftx13ft zone that will be hoisted away when the wife wants to park there during the winter only.

                            Starting to look like a 40ft straightway. Do you agree 4/15 then 3/30?


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                              Ninco to Carrera slot car adapter ver1

                              Here is my first Ninco to Carrera slot car track adapter to ultimately get me Ninco banked turns.
                              My flickr link has more photos.
                              Need to make 1 more later for a total of 2.


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