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  • LastHobbyPromise
    started a topic Chassis


    I would like to try a scratch build but not interested at this point to go completely crazy w/it.

    I have a plastic model 1/32 32 ford coupe that I want to hot road and was wondering if there is a ready to go (or close) adjustable chassis that I could get to mount the body on.
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  • What scale should the cars actually be to be correct on plastic track?

    Ok, just for fun. All this talk about 1.5 v 1.7 chassis and scale got me wondering. Starting with standard AFX track, as a given, what actual scale should the cars be to correctly scaled and still work on the track? Forget what chassis and bodies are currently available. I’m talking about if someone...
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  • fastlap
    started a topic 1.5" or 1.7" (Longer) chassis debate.

    1.5" or 1.7" (Longer) chassis debate.

    When a new slot car comes out from a manufacturer it never fails that a thread can go off course do to this reason or that reason which has nothing to do about the new product announcement. One of the age old debates is about the slot car body's wheelbase or look. It is constantly debated as to which...
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  • Elektrobot
    started a topic Chipping '34 Hot Rod style cars

    Chipping '34 Hot Rod style cars

    I searched the forum for this topic and found a few results where it might have been discussed- but the links took me to a server not found error.

    The dates on the posts were from almost a decade ago- I'm guessing maybe they didn't get carried over to the new forum.

    I'm into...
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  • HO RacePro
    started a topic Carbon Fiber

    Carbon Fiber

    I have been experimenting with custom-fabricating lightweight chassis for 1/32nd cars. Mostly that has been by 3D printing chassis components for monocoque construction -- using the body of the car as a structural component.

    But I have also tried replacing the traditional steel front...
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  • dw5555
    started a topic Non Use

    Non Use

    Like a lot of people when springtime rolls around slots get put on the back burner and mine is no exception. I haven't used my track in a month and I have some young nephews coming over today to run a few laps so I dusted off the track. I use this to wipe the track down sprayed with windex. This was...
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  • sascws90
    started a topic New Slot-it!!

    New Slot-it!!

    Did I here this right....Ferrari 512M Classic??????????
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  • Wicker Bill
    started a topic St. Louis Slot Car Show

    St. Louis Slot Car Show

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  • NicoRosberg.
    started a topic The 2021 F1 season

    The 2021 F1 season

    The 2021 season will be upon us soon.

    What are people most looking forward to?

    For me it is seeing who can make the best B cars, navigate the token system and manage/game the new budget cap.

    The aero handicap I look forward too much less, I don't like handicaps...
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  • Rokon
    started a topic Carrera D124 Lola T70

    Carrera D124 Lola T70

    My new Lola arrived this morning. Just wanted to post some pics of a truly beautiful car. Carrera really nailed it with this model in my opinion. I can't attest to real life accuracies but I know what I like to feast my eyes upon!...
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  • NLA: ENTEX Ferrari Race Transporter / Ford C-900 Tractor-Trailer Kit 1:32 Kit

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  • HO Model Proving Ground Tests Using Time Domain Reflectometry?

    Spacey topic title, yes?

    Here is what I'm asking about. In the "HO Model Proving Ground" articles I wrote for Car Model back in the early 1970's I used a drag strip instrumented with physical switches to create measurements of an HO slotcar's performance once I turned on the...
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  • RichD
    started a topic Pioneer Legends

    Pioneer Legends

    My club has been using Pioneer Legends as IROC cars for several months, they are supplied by a member that has two dozen of them. The cars are good non-magnet runners, when we get back to racing our own cars the Legends may become a regular class, so I decided to build my own. This car is a tribute...
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  • capa
    started a topic Safety/Pace car questions

    Safety/Pace car questions

    New to the safety/pace car idea. I have a few questions.

    1) can you effectively run a safety car if only one pit lane?

    2) if there is a crash on the track, do you automatically then send the safety car out? Wouldn't you have to clear the crash first so that the safety car...
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  • WTB Revell Mercedes 220SE (except Argentina 1962)

    I have the #711 Argentina 1962 blue car and would like one or two others to run with it. I know Revell made several versions/ liveries. Thanks.

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