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  • Need information on the installation

    Hello, I received my order and installed the pit lane first. When I turned on after installation there is a beep and does not initialize.

    Can you help me with this? ????
    I also took 3 screenshots to let you see if I made a mistake.

    Thanks in advance!

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  • michael joe
    started a topic Jel-Claws


    I have been looking for Mega-G+ JEL-CLAWS tires.
    Does anyone know if JEL-CLAWS make tires for the Mega-G+ chassis, or are the Mega-G tires.... the same as the Mega-G+ tires?

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    Last edited by michael joe; 05-03-2021, 02:30 AM.

  • michael joe
    started a topic Wall wart question

    Wall wart question

    With this AFX power pack there is some type of barrel inline on the power cord does anybody know what this is? I have other AFX three way power packs like this but they all don't have this inline Barrel . ...
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  • michael joe
    started a topic Controller question

    Controller question

    Does anyone know what this part is that came with this AFX controller 120 ohms it was like a plastic barrel wrapped up in wire I unhooked it? ...
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  • Fitzy
    started a topic Cork Spinout Aprons

    Cork Spinout Aprons

    What cork Roadbed works best with AFX Tomy Track? has to be 1/4 thick is it the same height?
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  • boxxofrobots
    started a topic Big ol' bag of tires

    Big ol' bag of tires

    Just wondering: has anyone here ever actually tried those "100 AFX tires" in a bag they offer on the big sites? I'm looking at them as scenery material, but wondering if they might actually have merit?
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  • Frogman
    started a topic How to get started?

    How to get started?

    I posted in the 1/32 scale and was recommended to post here in the Carrera forum. I would like to jump into the hobby of slot car racing and build a setup to use in my rec room. I do not have a local vender (CDA, ID) to go to, so everything is done over the internet. I'm planning to build a 8'x12' or...
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  • BigT
    started a topic BigT new to digital carrera 1/32 &1/24 all help wanted.

    BigT new to digital carrera 1/32 &1/24 all help wanted.

    Well I’m about two months give or take a cpl weeks on this journey. I’m from the best of my knowledge the typical middle aged male slot car enthusiast. In 1969 during a Christmas at my cousins house I was introduced to slot cars as a way to keep a rather hyperactive 5yr old entertained:-) for me...
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  • Roadracer_Al
    started a topic Fixed volt PS vs. Variable volt PS

    Fixed volt PS vs. Variable volt PS

    Hello there -- my friend recently started a slot car club with Carrera Digital track. My friend is new to slots, and I'm returning after a 40 year hiatus. It's never too late to have a happy childhood, IMHO. Our current layout is about 140 feet. He made a large purchase of track sections, and...
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  • fastlap
    started a topic "FastBodies" Nissan GTP

    "FastBodies" Nissan GTP

    Here are a few photos of the newest body I have been working on for the '80's GTP series. The iconic Nissan ZX-Turbo GTP. It fits a 1.7" wheelbase but may be adapted to a 1.6" if needed. This is sitting on a AFX Mega G+ 1.7" chassis. This still needs to have it's final light sanding and...
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  • Printer Consumables -- Preventive* Maintenance

    Almost a year-and-a-half in, I have been going through a series of replacements and upgrades to my Creality Ender 3 Pro filament printer.

    I have replaced the hot end and all of the filament feed hardware except the motor. I've also gone through a number of nozzles. I've bought replacements...
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  • NicoRosberg.
    started a topic The 2021 F1 season

    The 2021 F1 season

    The 2021 season will be upon us soon.

    What are people most looking forward to?

    For me it is seeing who can make the best B cars, navigate the token system and manage/game the new budget cap.

    The aero handicap I look forward too much less, I don't like handicaps...
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  • RichD
    started a topic HOCOC 2020-2021 Season Opener

    HOCOC 2020-2021 Season Opener

    HOCOC will be starting its delayed 2020-2021 season on May 16th.

    By now many people will have had at least one COVID shot, but mask wearing and hand washing will be in effect. We are expecting smaller numbers of racers while people become more confident that the epidemic is...
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  • SouthShoreRacing
    started a topic Painted some bodies

    Painted some bodies

    Tiny Lund Torino setup for racing in the East Coast Outlaws Grand National class

    BRE Datsun 510 for tooling around

    Jaguar gentleman racer...
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  • LastHobbyPromise
    started a topic Chassis to body.

    Chassis to body.

    Hey all! I am having quite a time finding pictures, videos or how to's to attach the body to the chassis. Any help would be appreciated....
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