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  • Mega-G cars from Super International set For Sale...

    I have up for sale all four of the set cars from the Tomy Super International set. Three are still in their poly bags, the 4th has been run maybe 10-15 laps, still looks mint. I'd like to sell them as a set. Asking $170.00 shipped insured to the lower 48. F&F or money orders only, please! ...
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  • Interesting track features overlaps and pinch areas

    I'm exploring the world abroad of routed tracks.

    This one looks interesting.

    Wouldn't this cause a jam up eventually?

    What I suspects happens... When the race is started, each car is put into there slot but spaces into the separate lanes. If no cars gets 3+ laps...
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  • Re-Reading / Picturing Past Threads - Worth The Time!

    I have been taking time lately to go back through older threads I had started, in order to replace lost pictures (from the site crash), and re-edit where the original picture maybe no longer existed.
    I stopped today at post 400, so I am back in the year 2013. My plan is to take another 100 or...
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  • Fitzy
    started a topic AutoWorld Flame Throwers

    AutoWorld Flame Throwers

    Has anyone noticed the wire soldered under the pickup shoes for the lights on the new AutoWorld Flame Throwers? Looks like it will be in the way of the shoe wonder if the front wheels will even touch the track?
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  • Rokon
    started a topic SI 124 Rear Suspension Kits

    SI 124 Rear Suspension Kits

    Some discussion has occurred about these kits in a Lola thread. I thought a separate thread should be made so others can more easily come across the info.
    slot invasion usa currently has tuning kits for Carrera 124 Ford GT40, Lola T70 and Porsche 917. These kits provide a new swing arm motor...
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  • Mark M
    started a topic Recharging T-jet magnets?

    Recharging T-jet magnets?

    I joined a club that requires only original T-jet magnets. I have plenty, but am sure they have lost much of their strength while packed away for almost 50 years. No one in the club has the equipment to charge them.

    Anyone here have a source that recharges magnets? It's hard to find NOS...
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  • dw5555
    started a topic My T70 Tire fix. $0

    My T70 Tire fix. $0

    This is VERY LABOR INTENSIVE!!!! I just finished the mods on the Porsche and was took off the tire on the T70. Now I actually saw what everyone was talking about. After studying it a bit I looked at the Porsche wheels and tires. They looked close in size. I measured the installed diameter on both...
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  • Eddie Sachs Memorial Slot Car Day - June 4, 2022 - America On Wheels Museum

    The Annual Eddie Sachs Slot Car Day is coming on June 4. We are now taking vendor registrations. Please download the form at to join this special event at America On Wheels Museum in Allentown PA. No promoters fees for this event, as it is a fund-raiser for this world-class transportation...
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  • truwebs
    started a topic Carrera D124 Alternative Brands

    Carrera D124 Alternative Brands

    Hey All,

    New guy to 124 here.

    After 12 years on D132 I am dabbling with D124. My track layout with borders has been adapted. I currently have a couple D124 Lola T70s and Porsche 911 RSRs. I could not be any happier with my first 2 sets of cars. What a difference between...
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  • CBWho
    started a topic Hard shoes on copper braid versus copper tape

    Hard shoes on copper braid versus copper tape

    I've read that hard shoes (stock tjet) doesn't work on copper tape but it works on copper braid.

    Why? What is the physics behind it?

    Is it due to geometry?? AFX rail is 0.5 mm high according to my digital micrometer.
    That's about 20 mil. Venture copper tape is only 1...
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  • dw5555
    started a topic T70 running issues??

    T70 running issues??

    Has anyone experience any running issues with any of their T70's? (Besides tires ) I had it on the track today and noticed that the gear mesh is REALLY tight. So much so that I have the brakes set to 10% and it only coasts about a foot. On my incline the car just sits there. Any other car would...
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  • WTB Scalextric Evora front and rear wheels

    Have a Scalextric Evora for which you’ve upgraded the wheels? Looking for a set for a project.
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  • Fueling problem with Lane Gate v2 for Pit Lanes

    Hi, I've installed Pit Entry Lane Gates in each of my two Carrera Digital pit lanes. The first is used for a pace car while the second is 4 track sections long and used for general refueling, etc. The online installation directions were followed closely with wiring adjustments made to both the entry...
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  • truwebs
    started a topic Tuning Strategy with Bruce's HSSRMS

    Tuning Strategy with Bruce's HSSRMS


    Forever my strategy for tuning has been immediately...
    • Lubrication of axels and gears
    • Change from factory tires to PG if needed.
    • Some trueing of tires, but truthfully I kind of got away from that
    Traditionally in HSSRMS I have speed set to 15 and brakes very low...
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  • Axle
    started a topic Tyco 440 rear guide pin?

    Tyco 440 rear guide pin?

    I noticed that some of the original Tyco 440 cars (not X2) came with a rear guide pin and some did not. I haven't been able to find any explanation for the rear guide pin.

    Does anyone know why some of these cars used a rear pin?

    Was there a Tyco track where the cars went...
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