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  • HO RacePro
    started a topic Fiddling With The Defaults

    Fiddling With The Defaults

    Today I tried making some adjustments to printing features in Cura that I've not fussed with before. They have been left in their default settings, up to today.

    One is for the retract feature. I have left this on, but never set a value for a nozzle vertical lift when it retracts. The default...
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  • Kevan
    started a topic Glass bed upgrade...

    Glass bed upgrade...

    My first real upgrade on the Ender 3 Pro...I've read nothing but good and bad about doing this so there's only one way to find out!..........
    1. Lightly sand one side of the glass with dry 180 wet & dry paper just to add a tiny bit of texture - clean the glass with soapy water.
    2. Remove the removable
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  • HO RacePro
    started a topic When Do You Shoot The Engineers?

    When Do You Shoot The Engineers?

    There is a pernicious side to rapid prototyping...

    There is a saying in the Project Management community, "At some point in every project it becomes necessary to shoot the engineers and start production".

    3D prints often take a long time to finish. And while the printer...
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  • New to Slotcars! Track building help please :)

    Hi there! Newcomer to slot cars. Bought a Carrera GO for my 4 year old. And then the floodgates opened!

    Bought a Retro Race DRM (Carrera Digital 132); have an AppConnect dongle on order as well as a Slot.It R18 AWD. Bought a ton of extensions, as I wanted to try 1:24 scale as well, but...
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  • Kevan
    started a topic Bodyshell wheelbase measurement

    Bodyshell wheelbase measurement

    This is easy when scratch building on a jig but for 3D or CAD purposes you need an accurate dimension.

    After eyeballing a few bodyshells to start drawing up a new 3D chassis and finding the finished print wasn't as accurate as I hoped I came up with this quick and easy method.
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  • NDJeff
    started a topic Super Giant Raceway track issues

    Super Giant Raceway track issues

    Got my Super Giant Raceway up from the ashes and put all together. But each piece was cleaned, examined, and checked for continuity with my volt and ohm meter. all just fine. Cleaned the rails till all shiny....Plugged all the track together but one lane works but the other lane only goes so far then...
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  • Tips for those interested in FDM/FFF ("hot glue gun" syle) printing...

    AKA, Greg's "Learn from my fail" for 3D printing...

    These tips are based on my personal experiences and opinions derived from them and my own research in the world of consumer 3D printing. Take them only as that, and nothing more. You are welcome to agree, or disagree, as your...
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  • gmcullan
    started a topic Viper-Jet - More Weight Comparisons

    Viper-Jet - More Weight Comparisons

    I finally had the opportunity to do Viper-Jet testing with all available weights. Test parameters are as follows:

    Track and room temperature: 73o
    Track: Banzai BuckTrax
    Power Supply: Llambda
    Track Voltage: 12.0 VDC
    Controller: M-Magic-S
    Test Car: Viper-Jet...
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  • Robert
    started a topic Problem Slot it Orange End bell Motor

    Problem Slot it Orange End bell Motor

    I just removed a new cello wrapped Slot it cao6d #62 Mercedes and when I put it on the track it shorted and sparked all the way around the track. It would run in jerks and stop until you gave it a push,it would then speed up and then stop and sparks would happen again and it would sit there and smoke....
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  • BMD2k1
    started a topic Hi All from Michigan :-)

    Hi All from Michigan :-)

    Hi All ---

    decided to get into some old school fun -- acquired some Carrera Go track & cars -- to entertain moi, kids, family and friends.


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  • BMD2k1
    started a topic Hi All.... From Michigan

    Hi All.... From Michigan

    Brian from southeast Michigan. For some old school fun -- bought some Carrera Go tracks & cars to keep me, kids and friends entertained.

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  • xcnick
    started a topic Aprons for plastic track

    Aprons for plastic track

    OK boomer, is LEGO really the best you can leave us with?

    We know slotcars rule. However I am watching kids 3D print LEGO parts for free at the library and thought we slotcar enthusiast could do even better. Therefor I designed and printed aprons for our tracks.

    I would like...
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  • TestUser
    started a topic Test New Post

    Test New Post

    Testing First post by new member - ignore...
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  • MrFlippant
    started a topic Worldwide slot car chat Zoom Meeting!

    Worldwide slot car chat Zoom Meeting!

    Worldwide Slot Car Chat Meeting on Zoom!

    Today at 12 noon, Pacific time. That's 3pm Eastern or 7pm GMT.

    Share your love of slot cars, whatever the scale, type, or facet of the hobby! All are welcome! Don't be shy!

    When the time comes, click the following link,...
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  • Lockdown projects E types and more

    It is not too hard to find ways to kill time now that I am constrained at home.(but it is worth it:we have, so far,only 9 losses /million)
    This one was lying in a drawer for quite a few years waiting for a suitable chassis,now its almost ready missing proper rear rims and light lenses,the latter...
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