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  • NicoRosberg.
    started a topic Finger-tip braking?

    Finger-tip braking?

    In another topic, which started out talking about a new HO set with wireless controllers, some of us started musing on using RC controllers - possibly adding finger-tip braking.

    This I know from my own research, and time/money spent with a controller manufacturer, is not the work of a moment...
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  • dw5555
    started a topic PG tires

    PG tires

    Woohoo another mail delivery. Hopefully this will be the last one for a while all these but one are front tires from PG. That is a lot of front tires. Thx to PG for making them. ...
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  • michael joe
    started a topic AFX Porsche

    AFX Porsche

    An AFX Porsche I painted a couple years ago.
    I know the decals aren't correct, but anyway, that's what I come up with. It's on an SRT chassis....
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  • KirkWH
    started a topic Cigarette Sponsorship

    Cigarette Sponsorship

    When did the laws change so that slot car companies can now turn out cars showing Marlboro, John Player, etc. cigarette sponsorship? For years slot car manufacturers had to steer clear of liveries with cigarette sponsorship or find clever ways to conceal them, such as Slot-It with the Silk Cut Jaguar....
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  • perrotoro
    started a topic Motors


    I'm testing motors for rpms and I can hear and see rpm changes when motor leads are pushed one way or the other at a specific voltage. If the manual press on motor leads is removed, the leads go back to neutral location and the rpms go back to a lesser rate. Is there a way to fix the motor leads at...
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  • Wicker Bill
    started a topic AFX Ford GT MkIV

    AFX Ford GT MkIV

    What’s the status of the # 2 and # 4 cars?
    Some sites say Out Of Stock while others say arriving in 2022 and/or Jan. 2023.
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  • ralbrightii
    started a topic Problems with SCI?!?! - Post them here

    Problems with SCI?!?! - Post them here

    I have done away with the old topic and created this topic anew. There was so many pages of old problems that all have been rectified (and were mostly due to the old servers). This will give us a more concise area to monitor problems.
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  • dw5555
    started a topic Bmw Tuning 3 parts

    Bmw Tuning 3 parts

    Put all 3 parts in one spot. Hopefully someone will get something out of it.
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  • 1970’s AFX HO Guy Here - Convince Me Why I Should Switch To 1/32 Set

    I’m a 1970’s AFX guy who’s been out of the slot game for decades, but getting back into it.

    Convince me why I should switch to 1/32 cars/tracks and if I do switch, which brand I should go with. I’m hearing Policar is good.

    I’m here to learn from all of you, so please...
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  • myared
    started a topic 2023 Carrera Catalog

    2023 Carrera Catalog

    The 2023 catalog is out. Once again, I'm unable to attach it. File is too big. ...
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  • Snickryder
    started a topic Hello from Colorado

    Hello from Colorado

    Hi everybody!

    Just wanted to add a quick message to introduce myself. I'm just getting into the hobby and have been wading through various threads and topics for a couple weeks now. You don't know it, but you already helped a ton. So, thank you!

    After reading a lot and...
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  • Click260
    started a topic Tyco Harley track and AFX…

    Tyco Harley track and AFX…

    I was big into slot cars as a kid in the 70’s, mostly AFX, but also had TCR. In 1992 I bought a Tyco Harley track for my nephew and it never really got used. That Tyco Harley set was recently found during an attic clean out by an estate company cleaning out my stepdad’s attic after his passing....
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  • Esky
    started a topic Another newbie looking for tips

    Another newbie looking for tips

    Hi all! Didn't want to hijack ATLBob's recent thread, but I am in a similar situation. Just purchased the Carrera Digital 132 Peak Performance track, set it up in our basement on a ping pong table (5x9), and have really enjoyed racing with my kids. I really want to go longer, add more cars, a pit...
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  • acboother
    started a topic Controller ramblings

    Controller ramblings

    WARNING: Long post, very long! I hope you find this (or some of it) interesting and perhaps even useful.

    I was interested to see a thread about alternatives in the design and implementation of hand controllers. It happens that I have put a fair bit of effort into this area which I will...
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  • ATLBob
    started a topic Newbie Help - 12x4 vs 12x5 vs 12x5”

    Newbie Help - 12x4 vs 12x5 vs 12x5”

    Looking for some help from the experts around here. I just bought a Carrera 30027 Peak Performance, Digital 132 w/Lights set for my son for Christmas. I’m planning on building a table in his room for the set. The layout of the room allows for a 12’ x 4’ table to fit perfectly along one side...
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