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  • Dave Kennedy has a Youtube channel and he's posting videos

    Here's one that was interesting:
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  • Florida Dave
    started a topic Velcro for body mount?

    Velcro for body mount?

    I just got an H&R Racing chassis. Also bought a hardbody Pontiac Grand Prix . The chassis came with mounting plastic pointing pins and round Velcro tabs. I m not sure how to use them. All new to me. Could I use strips of Velcro instead? Thanks for any help.
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  • Looking for 1/32 Tow / Recovery Truck Like This >>> See Pictures


    Like Formula 1 and most other race tracks around the world, the tow trucks or recovery trucks look like these photos
    below, I can not find any in 1/32 scale, I prefer detailed die cast, the closest ones I can find do not have the recovery
    crane. Help! Advice!...
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  • dinglebery
    started a topic Revoslot motor

    Revoslot motor

    Well, I bought this car used, in very good condition, but the motor seems to be failing. Under power it only turns a quarter-turn at a time, kinda sputters and I can see it light up and spark on the inside. it spins freely by hand, like normal. Can someone recommend a contact cleaner for me to try to...
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  • Bonez
    started a topic Mounting Old Bodies to Modern Chassis

    Mounting Old Bodies to Modern Chassis

    I am mounting older AFX and TycoPro bodies to modern Viper chassis. This is my first body. Had to remove a lot of material above the motor to get the stance low. Also cut the rear engine/trans/exhaust piece and glued to chassis. Repainted and full decals applied. Looks awesome on my scenic track. I...
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  • dw5555
    started a topic 1/24 chips

    1/24 chips

    It just dawned on me when I was posting for a digital chip for a 1/24 car that I've only had 1 chip in all my 1/24 cars that went bad. I've got about equal times (about 5 yrs each) between 1/32 and 1/24 cars. I've replaced at least a dozen or so 1/32 chips back in the day but just 1 on the 1/24 cars....
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  • Is there a way to test a Control Unit for proper operation?

    Purchased a replacement Control Unit 30352, was listed as new but packaging was re-tapped and not packed in packaged as new from factory but in original box. My best guess it was returned (for some reason) given a once over and re-sold as new. It does not appear to be used, and basic functions seem...
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  • HO RacePro
    started a topic Prrinting in Nylon

    Prrinting in Nylon

    I have just ordered an all-metal hot end for my Ender 3 Pro printer. Said hardware is required for the high temperatures needed to print Nylon. I already have Nylon filament in house.

    I am anxious to try Nylon as a printing material. It is one of the oldest and most versatile of the...
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  • Florida Dave
    started a topic Hi all

    Hi all

    Just joined forum. I haven't been slot car racing since the middle 1960's. Have two 1/24 scale cars so far. Am lucky enough to have a commercial track about 20 minutes away. Looking to get back into this hobby in a large way. I sure had a blast when I was much younger.
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  • Babydriver
    started a topic Old guy new to slots

    Old guy new to slots

    Retirement amusement has become passion Stumbled into great track set up and now on quest for information on care /maintainence for the variety of cars I now have
    Alan and 132 extremely helpful, I live in the area, and great font of knowledge and willing to share
    intersted in tuning tips
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  • Tangmere222
    started a topic Beautiful...


    BRM has done it again.

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  • RichD
    started a topic Wiz-Jet


    I was looking for something on the Wizzard site today and saw that the Wiz-Jet Aurora Thunderjet clone chassis was available, so I ordered one. The gear plate, clip and base chassis with the electrics installed is $12. I plan on building a T-Jet SS car....
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  • Scaleracing
    started a topic July 4th 2020.

    July 4th 2020.

    Wishing a Happy and Safe 4th of July to all in the United States of America.

    Be well be safe and enjoy your family and friends....
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  • Kevan
    started a topic did you end up in this hobby? did you end up in this hobby?

    An interesting thread elsewhere lead me to thinking 'how did I end up in this hobby?' here's a little background covering from then 'til now

    As a kid in the 60's we had manual toys, I loved creating tracks out of wood building blocks and pretending to race my Dinky cars.
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  • Kevan
    started a topic Hudy tyre truer drum

    Hudy tyre truer drum

    I've put it off long enough, I've tried a slide on grinder drum and it was OK for a few tyres but bit the bullet tonight and ordered a Ralph Thorne 80 grit 'For Ever' drum for the Hudy

    ...just have to wait now and hope customs don't get their hands on it...
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