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  • RichD
    started a topic Wiz-Jet


    I was looking for something on the Wizzard site today and saw that the Wiz-Jet Aurora Thunderjet clone chassis was available, so I ordered one. The gear plate, clip and base chassis with the electrics installed is $12. I plan on building a T-Jet SS car....
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  • dinglebery
    started a topic Revoslot motor

    Revoslot motor

    Well, I bought this car used, in very good condition, but the motor seems to be failing. Under power it only turns a quarter-turn at a time, kinda sputters and I can see it light up and spark on the inside. it spins freely by hand, like normal. Can someone recommend a contact cleaner for me to try to...
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  • Florida Dave
    started a topic Velcro for body mount?

    Velcro for body mount?

    I just got an H&R Racing chassis. Also bought a hardbody Pontiac Grand Prix . The chassis came with mounting plastic pointing pins and round Velcro tabs. I m not sure how to use them. All new to me. Could I use strips of Velcro instead? Thanks for any help.
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  • Dave Kennedy has a Youtube channel and he's posting videos

    Here's one that was interesting:
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  • dinglebery
    started a topic SCP-2 modes SCP-2 modes

    After reading the manual for the SCP-2 I wanted to try MODE 2 - LINEAR with max speed limiter "kids mode". I already have fun tinkering on cars at the bench while cars are running behind me in MODE 4 - GHOST mode.
    In the manual it states to enter MODE 2 do this: with the controller powered...
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  • NicoRosberg.
    started a topic The 2020 F1 season

    The 2020 F1 season

    50 days to go!

    What are people most looking forward to?

    For me it is seeing if Red Bull and Honda can hit the ground running and give Merc a scare early doors.
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  • HO RacePro
    started a topic Prrinting in Nylon

    Prrinting in Nylon

    I have just ordered an all-metal hot end for my Ender 3 Pro printer. Said hardware is required for the high temperatures needed to print Nylon. I already have Nylon filament in house.

    I am anxious to try Nylon as a printing material. It is one of the oldest and most versatile of the...
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  • Barn Door Motor Speedway - Build Underway!

    Hello Everyone!

    Finally getting around to building the table(s) today for the Barn Door Motor Speedway (one can only spend so much time in the research, design and purchase phases, eh?). Based on some room constraints, I went with a final surface dimension of 132 x 87 inches (335 x 220)....
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  • carlosinseattle
    started a topic Carrera Paint Blemishes on new car

    Carrera Paint Blemishes on new car

    I've bought a few cars this year, mainly D124 and a couple D132 cars.

    On a couple D124 cars the paint has flaws/blemishes. One car in particular is the Porsche 23885 Porsche 911 RSR 956 Rothman Design. It is a really nice car but there are several chips and blemishes that are bothersome....
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  • Looking for 1/32 Tow / Recovery Truck Like This >>> See Pictures


    Like Formula 1 and most other race tracks around the world, the tow trucks or recovery trucks look like these photos
    below, I can not find any in 1/32 scale, I prefer detailed die cast, the closest ones I can find do not have the recovery
    crane. Help! Advice!...
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  • Bonez
    started a topic Mounting Old Bodies to Modern Chassis

    Mounting Old Bodies to Modern Chassis

    I am mounting older AFX and TycoPro bodies to modern Viper chassis. This is my first body. Had to remove a lot of material above the motor to get the stance low. Also cut the rear engine/trans/exhaust piece and glued to chassis. Repainted and full decals applied. Looks awesome on my scenic track. I...
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  • Kevan
    started a topic did you end up in this hobby? did you end up in this hobby?

    An interesting thread elsewhere lead me to thinking 'how did I end up in this hobby?' here's a little background covering from then 'til now

    As a kid in the 60's we had manual toys, I loved creating tracks out of wood building blocks and pretending to race my Dinky cars.
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  • Worthing HO Racing 2020 - Tenth Birthday, Covid-19 and return?

    The year started with another exciting WHO Mod race - twenty-six drivers on the grid, including some new racers and a new Race Control team...

    However, the February Nascar race was always going to be the highlight of the season - marking ten years since the first...
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  • ralbrightii
    started a topic Problems with SCI?!? -- List them here!!

    Problems with SCI?!? -- List them here!!

    So the new SCI has a much improved version of vBulletin that has a lot of significant changes both to the backend (what I see) and frontend (what you see). The forum has moved from version 3.5 to version 5.5.6, this caused a great many changes to how you operate this forum (there were well over a 100...
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  • Touring Car Proxy 2020

    Now that the forum is back up is anyone interested in entering this years proxy?

    Same rules as last year but all rounds will be held in Australia so we have a round every 2 weeks.

    Probably start racing in May or June so that I can have everyone's car back to them before Christmas....
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