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  • For Sale: NSR (#1067) Porsche GT3 RS 997 RSR "2010 Slotlandia" Yellow

    Purchased new. Just stored it away.
    Never ran on track.
    Per photos.

    $95.00 USD$ / Reasonable $9.50 USPS Priority Mail Shipping with Tracking.
    "Robustly" packaged.

    PM with questions / more photos.
    Proceeds will fund...
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  • Will The Last Person Leaving Please Turn Out The Lights?

    SCI, having clawed its way out of yet another server-failure grave, now seems to be dying from neglect.

    Not a lot of posts of late. If Kevan and RichD would go silent we'd be left with mostly crickets. Model Murdering pops up now and again. But days go by without much to show for it....
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  • RichD
    started a topic New HO Tires

    New HO Tires

    Yesterday I noticed that there are some new HO tires listed on the Super Tires site. Those are 200 series tires and they are 0.416, 0.420, 0.424 and 0.428 inches OD on 0.250 inch diameter wheels. The tires have rounded outer sidewalls and come in several compounds, including a new hard compound C intended...
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  • keven
    started a topic Slug diameter

    Slug diameter

    I know someone who has a magnet zapper, but has only zapped in-line armatures. He’s not sure what size slug should be used to zap tjet pancake motor magnets...
    the slug diameter that I have estimated to be is: 7/16”.
    I can obtain a .500” steel slug.
    that should work, right?
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  • Silberpfeil
    started a topic Ninco Scrutineering.

    Ninco Scrutineering.

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  • Super G Man
    started a topic Pretty in Pink

    Pretty in Pink

    Most of the time you didn't get to see Racing Point cars that often in 2019. In 2020 they are improving and I read that Vettel will be one of the drivers for 2021. Here are my renditions of their 2019 and 2020 cars. 3D printed bodies for the 1.7 Mega G or Mega G+ chassis
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  • Another guy...From Eldon in the 60's to HO in the 70's and now back to Eldon!

    Hello everybody!
    I'm newly retired, due in part to covid. With all the time on my hands I have got my 1:1 scale cars (MGs) licked into shape, and had an AHA! moment and decided to get back into slot cars.
    I was looking at Scalextric but decided to dip my toe in the pool and put together...
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  • World Challenge - A proxy drag race with something for everyone - everywhere!

    Slot Car Drag Race Proxy will be the first professionally promoted and produced World Challenge slot car event. We expect it will draw more entrants and exposure than any previous slot car event. By racing slot cars shipped to our event we make a competition of interest to millions...
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  • kcl
    started a topic Modified


    Hi. I'd like to debut a Mustang that I,m putting together. Started with a pile of parts and went from there.

    Body was then cut and sectioned thru the middle to narrow it. Mounts were made to attach the body.

    Started on the roof, but once it was mounted,...
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  • keven
    started a topic Magnetometer


    I down loaded this onto my iPad...
    i found it useful in establishing magnets of the highest gauss value and matching the near identical North/South values for each magnet.
    besides it was only 99 cents!

    not sure it works for an assembled car? Maybe a wood or plastic holder (like...
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  • Fitzy
    started a topic AFX Non Magnatraction

    AFX Non Magnatraction

    Anyone have any ideas about adding a little weight to an AFX non magnatraction chassis? I seen pics of a few with what looks like factory weights in the front anyone reproduce them or should I just some lead?
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  • downtowndeco
    started a topic Making large, realistic trees.

    Making large, realistic trees.

    I needed some larger trees for my Steve McQueen Le Mans Tribute layout, so here is a step by step tutorial on how I made them.

    Start with a standard twig, and narrow a bit towards the top. This is about 14" tall. The trick is to find one that is fairly straight.

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  • Van
    started a topic Just signed up here

    Just signed up here

    I started slot car racing in the mid 1960s as a junior high student with a large commercial track close by. I raced mostly 1/25th scale K&B kit cars Ford GT and Cobra with the sidewinder motors. Wish I had those today but sadly gave them away to relatives. Now retired, I have been reading a while...
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  • Kevan
    started a topic Super smooth FDM prints

    Super smooth FDM prints

    Super smooth FDM prints...ok I tell a fib, it combines FDM and resin.

    It's one of those "why didn't I think of that" moments. I've just watched a video of a guy who painted uv resin on his FDM part then cured it in his uv curing unit, the result a massively improved surface finish....
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  • HO RacePro
    started a topic Lichen Trees

    Lichen Trees

    One of the most common bits of slot track scenery are scale trees. Not long ago scale trees made for model railroads were very expensive. A quick check on Amazon just now shows that the prices have come down a ton. Which is a welcome change.

    In the past I made my own scale trees using...
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