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  • freon
    started a topic mega g champ cars

    mega g champ cars

    I got the international set with the 4 champ cars. These are 1.7 mega g's correct?
    they do not appear like the 1.7 i read about. there are no removable bulkheads.
    they look more like the 1.5 that i see pictures of but longer??
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  • freon
    started a topic honing tool

    honing tool

    i am getting ready to start construction of my layout and have been reading up on tips for a smooth tomy track.

    I see reference to a honing tool from slottech but I dont think they exist any longer.
    does someone know what I am looking for as far as a tool for honing the rails...
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  • Afxal
    started a topic desiging my own Tomy AFX layout - gaps?

    desiging my own Tomy AFX layout - gaps?

    Hi, I just downloaded a track editing software program from the Ultimate racer website, and it has a great Tomy library for designing your own layouts on the computer, but the layout I have in mind ends up having a small gap - I can't tell how big the gap is in the program - it looks like the track...
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  • quardlepleen
    started a topic Stock Tomy controllers failing

    Stock Tomy controllers failing

    2 of the stock controllers in my Super International are now only working intermittently. They'll work fine one minute, the next minute the car is dead on the track. It will come back at random, but then stops working again. The lanes and cars work fine with other controllers.

    Is this...
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  • Wiring Tomy/afx Track for dynamic Braking

    Hi,Can someone send me a diagram or tell me how to wire my Tomy/afx track for dynamic braking.I'm using a power supply and 2 starter tracks so that each lane gets full power.Thankyou for any help in this matter.
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  • scooter52
    started a topic Afx dual power track

    Afx dual power track

    Hi Fellow racers,does anyone know how to hook-up parma 3 wire controller to the new AFX Dual power track.Does the new dual power track have provisions for hooking up controllers wired for brake.part number is Tomy 8898.Any help is greatly appreciated..Thankyou
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  • caveman
    started a topic AFX Tomy 8639e Electronic Control Station

    AFX Tomy 8639e Electronic Control Station

    AFX Tomy 8639e Electronic Control Station

    Is this a new product, I never saw this exact model in 1/64 before ?
    Has anyone tried this 1/64 accessory for timing ?
    How is the quality of the product ?
    Is it accurate like it says to the .010 ? Not worried...
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  • ukafx
    started a topic Racemasters Prices

    Racemasters Prices

    Just had an email showing that Racemasters are putting up all their prices and their NEW Mega G cars will now be hitting over $41 / £26. We have now gone right into the 1/32nd price market, what’s everyone’s feelings on this? Are Racemasters going to price HO so high that it will make...
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  • GTPguy
    started a topic AFX new product preview

    AFX new product preview

    I was scanning the 'myatomic' web site and saw they now have placeholders for some of the new upcoming AFX Racemasters products. No pics or due dates, but at least they have descriptions and part numbers.

    Some of the more interesting items are:

    Two Peugeot 908s, #7 and #9-...
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  • ftnzguru
    started a topic Afx 24 hr set

    Afx 24 hr set

    VERY EXCITED TO SEE THIS ONE!! I'm sure the cars will be just as beautiful as they look on the box!!! Thank You AFX for keeping this great hobby ALIVE. My tax refund will be going to a great cause.......cause I need it!!!!
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  • jay mendoza
    started a topic Mega G report

    Mega G report

    AXF Mega-G Champ Cars

    In late 2008 we purchased 2 of the new Mega-G cars. We were looking to upgrade our older Tyco Magnum 440/440 X2, and some of the newer Super G+ cars with better magnets, and ski-shoes, and new tires.

    When we saw the Mega-G, it had all those features,...
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  • Newbie Alert - Help with Cars - SG+, SRT, AW, BRST, LMNOP, ASAP!

    I'm sorry if this may have been asked once before and referenced in another thread (if so, just post the link and I'll read and get caught up), but going through the alphabet soup of anacronyms for these HO cars can be a bit overwhelming and with each car manufacturer saying their car is best, it makes...
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  • TBustah!
    started a topic Track: Tyco vs Tomy

    Track: Tyco vs Tomy

    Well, I want to build a layout in an unused corner of my apartment, but I'm wondering if I should go with Tyco or Tomy track.

    I've only raced and owned Tyco before, but I've heard that Tomy has it's advantages. Their cars are certainly a lot faster, but is the track superior? I already...
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  • Wahoo
    started a topic The New AFX DP01

    The New AFX DP01

    Well gang, here is a very rough idea of what we're in for later this year when the new chassis is finished:

    What's really cool about this body (and you can't tell from these photos) is that the height of the body measured from the bottom...
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  • McLaren
    started a topic Saw a New Tomy Track Set Today

    Saw a New Tomy Track Set Today

    I believe it was called Big D - Champion Stockers. 20' of track, but interestingly enough, like the Long Beach GP, it also uses 18 inch curves! Comes with 2 SG+ stockers. It's not a big deal, but I have heard no mention of it before.

    Track sets up like a big D-shaped oval (duh!). ...
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    Last edited by McLaren; 08-13-2007, 04:26 PM.
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