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  • HO RacePro
    started a topic Passing the Torch

    Passing the Torch

    I don't have any children to pass on my knowledge and skills to, but I know several very skilled people who do. Except, from what I hear, their children aren't interested.

    That doesn't just include hobbies. I know people who have all kinds of practical skills. People whose skills I admire....
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  • Frogman
    started a topic How to get started?

    How to get started?

    I posted in the 1/32 scale and was recommended to post here in the Carrera forum. I would like to jump into the hobby of slot car racing and build a setup to use in my rec room. I do not have a local vender (CDA, ID) to go to, so everything is done over the internet. I'm planning to build a 8'x12' or...
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  • dw5555
    started a topic German 1/24 Limited Edition

    German 1/24 Limited Edition

    Every now and then I look at German Ebay just to see what we're missing out on and it never fails to disappoint. This one is pretty cool along with several other cars avail. there. Even Body in White kits. I even found a used Black Swan 911 (can you tell I want one )...
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  • rjhoffh
    started a topic Carrera Car database Library

    Carrera Car database Library

    Hi guys, I'm looking for a database of cars to download to add pictures to my software. I Swear Carrera had a download on their website....
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  • Axle
    started a topic Source for Aurora AFX crown gears

    Source for Aurora AFX crown gears

    Does anyone know of a source for AFX crown gears? Jag lists then as out of stock, slot car central doesn't list any, and I just saw a vintage card of 12 sell for $76 on eBay.

    I have a pile of Dash T-jet crown gears I could cut down, but that's a lot of work for something that I thought...
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  • BigT
    started a topic BigT new to digital carrera 1/32 &1/24 all help wanted.

    BigT new to digital carrera 1/32 &1/24 all help wanted.

    Well I’m about two months give or take a cpl weeks on this journey. I’m from the best of my knowledge the typical middle aged male slot car enthusiast. In 1969 during a Christmas at my cousins house I was introduced to slot cars as a way to keep a rather hyperactive 5yr old entertained:-) for me...
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  • Rokon
    started a topic Smartrace Discussion

    Smartrace Discussion

    Posting this here since it pairs with Carrera.
    Have a question on an aspect I don't understand. Can someone explain the Minimum Pitstop Delta setting? I thought it was to set a minimum time in the pit lane to penalize someone from using the pit lane as a way to pass someone on the main track....
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  • fastlap
    started a topic F.I.R. Track Reconstruction

    F.I.R. Track Reconstruction


    Mostly due to the loss of all the photos of the original track build, I am starting a new thread documenting the re-assembly of the FIR at the house that Mary and I moved into last year. To say the basement has enough room is an understatement. This new space for my 117' Bowman...
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  • NicoRosberg.
    started a topic The UK's oldest HO slot car club!

    The UK's oldest HO slot car club!

    A couple of months ago the SCI owner concurred that this would be a topic he would like to see on here, content being king. I forgot he had until a chance image that came up during a completely unrelated google search of Southend, Essex jogged my memory.

    I found out a few...
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  • RjAFX
    started a topic My AFX customs

    My AFX customs

    I'll start with this Camaro now that I found a way to post pictures again....
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  • Carrera 23776 1:24 Porsche 917K - FOR SALE

    I need to make room for a couple BRM's so this is another up for grabs. It's only been run around the track a couple laps - mint condition with clear case.
    Serious inquiries only.
    $180 plus shipping
    Carrera Digital 23776 1:24 Porsche 917K
    Porsche Salzburg No.23
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    Last edited by dinglebery; 01-17-2021, 02:45 PM.

  • Kevan
    started a topic Pre-wing (half tonner) F1's 1961-1965

    Pre-wing (half tonner) F1's 1961-1965

    We have a new class in our club this year, one that's long overdue and that's what some call Pre-Wing and some call Half Tonners.

    Whilst looking on the usual place for suitable cars and the online suppliers I had an idea what I was looking for then found a couple of old Airfix (Scaley)...
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  • Speedhoppy
    started a topic Can Am Car Bodies-Show Your Stuff!

    Can Am Car Bodies-Show Your Stuff!

    I love sportscar racing; whether it's long distance, or sprint races, full-body two seaters are my favorite. I particularly loved the old "Can Am" series that began in 1966. These cars were as close to "unlimited" as one could get, and showed a great variance in style. I will post...
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  • Rokon
    started a topic 124 Mercedes AMG SLS

    124 Mercedes AMG SLS

    Can someone tell me the wheelbase of a 124 Carrera Benz SLS GT3 #23825? Trying to figure if it would work as a donor chassis for a Yenko Corvair build....
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  • RjAFX


    I'll start with this Camaro now that I found a way to post pictures again....
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