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  • gearhead
    started a topic Any 1/32 slot car clubs?

    Any 1/32 slot car clubs?

    I have not been here in a Very very long time and I'm looking to get back into the hobby, I'll have to start over, I lost all my cars and tracks in a move. but I wanted to know if there are any 1/32 slot car clubs? in the Jacksonville area?...
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  • gmcullan
    started a topic So what are you all doing

    So what are you all doing

    during this forced isolation? My wife has been out of work for four weeks now. My last day working was 3/23. Except for grocery store and pharmacy runs, we have adhered to the "stay home" orders here in MA.

    I have two tracks, a Banzai BuckTrax and a HORacePro Slidertm banked...
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  • AsSeenOnTV
    started a topic Texas member saying hello.

    Texas member saying hello.

    Hello folks.

    Like a lot of people here, I loved this stuff as a kid. The bug is hitting me again. So I am here to learn and figure things out....
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  • Building big toys for little toy cars

    Hello slot heads. The local racing group has finally got me back into this hobby. I owe them many thanks for never giving up on me. My true passion of this hobby is what the title of the post says. I enjoy building something others will enjoy over and over. I’m not the competitive sort so Racing is...
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  • Sorrento
    started a topic New Zealand Member

    New Zealand Member

    Hi I am a Hamish a new member from New Zealand. I work as a draftsman. Looking to build a smallish track from some second hand AFX track I have.
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  • MSwaterlogged
    started a topic Aurora/Tomy/AFX Catalogs

    Aurora/Tomy/AFX Catalogs

    Aurora/Tomy/AFX Catalogs. I have been trying to collect any catalogs I could to make them available on my museum website and hopefully preserve them. If anybody has any they that I don't have and would like to contribute them (Paper copy, pdf files or jpg files), that would be appreciated. You can check...
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  • ralbrightii
    started a topic Problems with SCI?!? -- List them here!!

    Problems with SCI?!? -- List them here!!

    So the new SCI has a much improved version of vBulletin that has a lot of significant changes both to the backend (what I see) and frontend (what you see). The forum has moved from version 3.5 to version 5.5.6, this caused a great many changes to how you operate this forum (there were well over a 100...
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  • Carrera 1/32 NIB Bentley Speed 8

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  • Carrera 1/32 NIB Bentley Speed 8

    I have for sale a new in box never removed from crystal case Carrera Bentley Speed 8 $150 + shipping also comes with a st of Paul Gage urathane tires . Paypal accepted .
    OR will trade for 2 NSR F1 NSR 0125IL Formula 86/89 Jagermeister, No.33 , NSR 0126IL Formula 86/89 Leyton House, No.16
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  • Gusslot
    started a topic Good morning from argentina

    Good morning from argentina

    Good morning to all SCI. I introduce myself. My name is Gustavo, I am from Buenos Aires, Argentina. I am 49 years old and have been on the hobby since I was 17. Currently I am dedicated to the 1/24 scale more precisely with BRM. I have 50 cars of this brand, although I also have 1/32.
    From now...
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  • Robert
    started a topic Sticky Paint

    Sticky Paint

    Recently sprayed painted a white kit ,got a really nice finish. My problem is,the darn paint won't setup,its been two days and it's still sticky to the touch.It's like it's a fly tape. Anybody else ever have this problem?? Thanks
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  • chrisguyw
    started a topic K&B Lola T70

    K&B Lola T70

    This was an old (almost complete) kit that I have had for ages, and rather than continually buy more stuff (my habit), I have decided to make an effort to build what I have.

    I did want to improve the performance of the car, but wanted any changes to be such that I could...
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  • almost have my Cox 2E finished

    I started collecting the parts in the 80s, it's been off and on at garage sales. I had so much trouble finding someone to repair the motor since it's chassis specific, and I had to send it across the US to do it, but i got rebuilt. So while at home I did some more work on it and have it basically finished,...
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  • HO RacePro
    started a topic Tire Cleaning Blocks

    Tire Cleaning Blocks

    A couple of months ago I built a tire cleaning block for the 1/32nd scale cars I race in the IHSR series. The IHSR rules allow tire cleaning between heats, and most racers do that job before every heat, but they do it manually.

    (I should point out that IHSR races are run on routed MDF tracks,...
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  • Bonez
    started a topic My 1:32 Track Build

    My 1:32 Track Build

    Since completing my HO scale track in June (as documented in the HO forum) I took the summer off. I started my 1:32 platform while SCI was down so this post will be catching up to my current progress.

    I needed to complete the room display cabinets and other art work before I could solely...
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