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  • KRab
    started a topic What do you take to a race?

    What do you take to a race?

    So it's been more than a dozen years since I've actually been to a race, and I was wondering what everyone brings along in their pit boxes, aside from the obvious (cars, pickup shoes, spares, controller, etc). Is there anything else that's needed, or unusual , that anyone packs along for the ride? Long...
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  • dw5555
    started a topic Pit Lane and Landscape Final Video

    Pit Lane and Landscape Final Video

    This should closeout my Double Pit lane thread and the big BooBoo I made in landscaping with the parking lot. Not my 1st choice but ya do what ya gotta do. I still love the building..

    Final Carrera Digital Pit Lane and Landscape Video - YouTube
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  • RichD
    started a topic Silicone VS Urethane HO Tires

    Silicone VS Urethane HO Tires

    During a recent conversation I was asked if anyone raced HO cars on urethane tires. I said that I was not aware of any group that used urethane tires on their HO cars, but that they were popular with 1/32nd cars. I said that I would post the question on a number of slot racing bulletin boards, so here...
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  • keven
    started a topic Motor magnets ready to hatch

    Motor magnets ready to hatch

    I made casting of my magnatraction/4gear motor magnets.
    i inserted neodymium dot magnets:

    and added clear casting epoxy to the molds:
    the cure takes 3days...
    i be cracking them out tomorrow and trimming up to fit in the chassis....
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  • Braiding a 1/32nd CNC Routed Track

    I have ordered a custom 1/32nd scale slot track from a CNC job shop. I am only having them rout the slots and cutout the pieces. I have not yet decided if I am going to install braid or just copper tape.

    If I use braid I'll need to cut the braid reliefs (gains). At the moment I am considering...
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  • Chassis Replacement for CARRERA 30545 DIGITAL 132 FORD MUSTANG GT 2005, STREETVERSION

    As one of the cars that came in my original first set, this car was a nightmare from the beginning. Not a good starter car by any means when getting into slots.


    Some years back I believe I was seeking help on this...
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  • truwebs
    started a topic My First Carrera Purchase

    My First Carrera Purchase

    So... I wanted to figure out exactly when I got into the mayhem of slots. I knew it was about 8 years... What better way to find out than check your order history? Thank you Amazon!

    Here we are 9 1/2 years later. 86 feet of track (probably another 10 feet stored away in a box), About...
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  • Frogman
    started a topic How to get started?

    How to get started?

    I posted in the 1/32 scale and was recommended to post here in the Carrera forum. I would like to jump into the hobby of slot car racing and build a setup to use in my rec room. I do not have a local vender (CDA, ID) to go to, so everything is done over the internet. I'm planning to build a 8'x12' or...
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  • dw5555
    started a topic Double Pit Lane?

    Double Pit Lane?

    Ya know I have no need for one but here I am considering it. I've got all the track cut, painted and installed for the dealership. I wanted room in front of the dealership to park cars which I did. I thought I was done.

    I then thought I would run a dead lane in front of the building and...
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  • boxxofrobots
    started a topic independent front ends

    independent front ends

    I've seen articles on making the front wheels spin independently, I was wondering if anyone really thinks this helps? If it does, I'm curious about using a hot wheel axle and wheels for this. I mean, it is an OEM upgrade
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  • Help Assembling BRM Mini White Kit

    I am doing a test assembly before painting and it seems the body sits so low on the chassis that all four tires rub. I have already put the four rubber cups over the body posts and this seems to help a little. Did anyone else have this problem? It seems difficult to tamper with the rear wheel width...
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  • boxxofrobots
    started a topic A modified "Pit Row Special"

    A modified "Pit Row Special"

    I'm hoping to build a layout on a 84x34 door. I believe this will fit ith room to spare. What do you think? I think I will have about 4" to spare at either end, and about 3.5" along front and back. Does this sound practical?
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  • Rokon
    started a topic Smartrace Discussion

    Smartrace Discussion

    Posting this here since it pairs with Carrera.
    Have a question on an aspect I don't understand. Can someone explain the Minimum Pitstop Delta setting? I thought it was to set a minimum time in the pit lane to penalize someone from using the pit lane as a way to pass someone on the main track....
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  • jsensk
    started a topic Looking to buy: pit box

    Looking to buy: pit box

    Hi guys. Getting back into it after a 10 year hiatus and am looking for a 1/32 scale pit box that holds cars also.. I had one back in the day that was custom made and had the slide out trays for 10 cars, a couple of handy drawers and storage inside the doors. Anyone know someone making these or where...
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  • truwebs
    started a topic Convert SCX 63430 with Digital 26732

    Convert SCX 63430 with Digital 26732

    Hey All,

    Have an opportunity to get an SCX 63430 New in box (actually a couple) for a decent price.

    I have not done a digital conversion to another brand YET.

    This would be my first attempt.

    Any ideas how involved it would be to convert the SCX 63430...
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