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  • Carrera 1/30 High Bank: An Alternate Use

    Years ago I foolishly bought and hung on to a Carrera 1/30 high bank curve. I didn't realize it could never practically be incorporated in a running layout. Fortunately, my new layout design leaves just enough vacant corner space to fit the 1/30 as a permanent display area for parked slot cars. It is...
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  • slotracerguy
    started a topic New Fleet Arrived Today

    New Fleet Arrived Today

    New fleet of 1/32 digital cars came today…I’m really enjoying the 1/32 cars lately. Most of my collection is 1/24, so it’s been a change and a challenge to get them tuned up, but I’m getting better at it. Any suggestions would be welcome. I was planning to just get the three 911’s, but the...
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  • WTB Carrera Track Pieces, CU, Transformer

    Hi All. I'm looking to see if anyone has the newer digital control unit (30352), straight lane changes, track pieces (non 1/60s) + a transformer for sale? I'm new to slot cars but have been planning things out for quite a while. Figured I would start here rather than the auction site.

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  • Just Saying Hi from Brooklyn, New York


    I am a child of the 60s and grew up with Aurora slot cars. I had a ton of fun with them and have lots of good memories. I enjoyed them into the mid 70's, but I was getting a little older and started having other interests and pursued other hobbies and things. Fast forward decades...
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  • BigT new to digital carrera 1/32 &1/24 all help wanted.

    Well I’m about two months give or take a cpl weeks on this journey. I’m from the best of my knowledge the typical middle aged male slot car enthusiast. In 1969 during a Christmas at my cousins house I was introduced to slot cars as a way to keep a rather hyperactive 5yr old entertained:-) for me...
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  • Ponderwilu
    started a topic Talladega Resurrection

    Talladega Resurrection

    Helloooooo SCI, I'm ba-ack! Yep, its been almost ten long years since I decided to fulfill my childhood fantasy and build the 1/24th scale slot car track of my dreams.
    Knowing absolutely zero about how to go about it I merely Googled slot car forums and found this one. I began reading all the...
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  • Can Am - Small clip. Just for Fun
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  • My Carrera 132 Digital 16x6F - Update - THE LAKE

    Hello guys!

    After selling my old Carrera 143 track, I bought almost 3 whole sets and set up a new track 132. I started the assembly in the living room and will eventually go to the roof of the garage. will be suspended with steel cables...

    Some photos and videos below....
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  • carlosinseattle
    started a topic I'm jealous

    I'm jealous

    [ame=""]Truckrace am Gschwa?bring - YouTube[/ame]

    Looks like fun!
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  • DaveKennedy
    started a topic Carrera 2017 Mustang pix

    Carrera 2017 Mustang pix

    Photos to share today of both the 2017 Mustangs that are arriving soon here in North America.

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  • Ole
    started a topic Scaleauto Guide Advice

    Scaleauto Guide Advice

    I am looking for the best option for guides to put on scaleauto 1/24 cars so I can just buy a meter of braid and replace them cheaply and efficiently (eyelets?) while also properly function on a carrera digital home track with lane changes etc.

    Anyone any experience with this? All advise
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  • For Trade: Aurora AFX Electronic Control Centre - Looking For: Carrera Track

    I have a Aurora AFX Electronic Control Centre available for trade in exchange for some Carrera 132/124 track, either a lane change section, etc, just something comparable in value for both parties.

    The Aurora AFX Electronic Control Centre device has a start race sequence (lights and sound),...
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  • Carrera Digital Layout for 1/32 and 1/24

    Hi All
    I am an SSD user and I have plenty of SS track.
    However, recently I have started collecting Carrera digital track and eventually I would like to build a layout. My idea is to use the track to run 1/32 and 1/24 with oXigen chips and controllers.
    I will install magnets under...
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  • dalejrfanfreak
    started a topic Free Track Builder for Photoshop

    Free Track Builder for Photoshop

    Hello! I realize there is a track design thread, but due to the nature of my announcement, I hope it is ok to create a new thread about track design that I hope many of you will be happy to learn about.

    I have created a free track builder for adobe photoshop which you can download at my...
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  • DaveKennedy
    started a topic Carrera:Germany report 2016

    Carrera:Germany report 2016

    Carrera's 2016 products for all slot product lines. I will have more information over the coming days to supplement this.

    Very excited to show that we're doing the new Ford GT in D124/D132/EVO!!!

    D132 and EVO new Corvette

    This '57 is...
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