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  • Carrera 1/30 High Bank: An Alternate Use

    Years ago I foolishly bought and hung on to a Carrera 1/30 high bank curve. I didn't realize it could never practically be incorporated in a running layout. Fortunately, my new layout design leaves just enough vacant corner space to fit the 1/30 as a permanent display area for parked slot cars. It is...
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  • WTB Carrera Track Pieces, CU, Transformer

    Hi All. I'm looking to see if anyone has the newer digital control unit (30352), straight lane changes, track pieces (non 1/60s) + a transformer for sale? I'm new to slot cars but have been planning things out for quite a while. Figured I would start here rather than the auction site.

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  • BigT new to digital carrera 1/32 &1/24 all help wanted.

    Well I’m about two months give or take a cpl weeks on this journey. I’m from the best of my knowledge the typical middle aged male slot car enthusiast. In 1969 during a Christmas at my cousins house I was introduced to slot cars as a way to keep a rather hyperactive 5yr old entertained:-) for me...
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  • BigT
    started a topic Layout ideas: what works what doesn’t?

    Layout ideas: what works what doesn’t?

    New to carrera 1/32 &1/24 scale track . I have been working in the autorennebahnplaner software trying to come up with a decent track. I want something more interesting then a oval but not something so difficult that Lewis Hamilton couldn’t finish a lap. Right now I have 5 4’x8’ tables which...
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  • Ponderwilu
    started a topic Talladega Resurrection

    Talladega Resurrection

    Helloooooo SCI, I'm ba-ack! Yep, its been almost ten long years since I decided to fulfill my childhood fantasy and build the 1/24th scale slot car track of my dreams.
    Knowing absolutely zero about how to go about it I merely Googled slot car forums and found this one. I began reading all the...
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  • Looking for advice in Milton Keynes, UK

    Greetings all, I've been watching and reading the forum for a while as a guest, but I'm now looking to start putting some firm plans together prior to throwing time, money and energy into my own track.

    I loved Scalextric as a boy and we had a huge layout in our (very cold) garage. I'm now...
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  • My Carrera 132 Digital 16x6F - Update - THE LAKE

    Hello guys!

    After selling my old Carrera 143 track, I bought almost 3 whole sets and set up a new track 132. I started the assembly in the living room and will eventually go to the roof of the garage. will be suspended with steel cables...

    Some photos and videos below....
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  • carlosinseattle
    started a topic I'm jealous

    I'm jealous

    [ame=""]Truckrace am Gschwa?bring - YouTube[/ame]

    Looks like fun!
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  • Carrera Digital Layout for 1/32 and 1/24

    Hi All
    I am an SSD user and I have plenty of SS track.
    However, recently I have started collecting Carrera digital track and eventually I would like to build a layout. My idea is to use the track to run 1/32 and 1/24 with oXigen chips and controllers.
    I will install magnets under...
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  • anoeth
    started a topic Can the Carrera Digital 132 Position Tower.....

    Can the Carrera Digital 132 Position Tower.....

    Can the Position Tower be used at the same time as the App Connect to keep track of laps\etc?

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  • anoeth
    started a topic Digital automatic crash management??

    Digital automatic crash management??

    I could have sworn I read somewhere about this but could not find it the second time I looked (didn't know how to search for it I guess)....

    If a car comes off the track (digital 132) is there an accessory or an after market add on that can stop ALL cars on the track after they get to...
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  • Two lighted porches and converted to digital

    Hello friends!
    this weekend I added lights and converted two CarreraGo cars for my digital track.

    here are some pictures of the process.
    I hope you enjoy

    thanks ...
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  • JOstic24
    started a topic Crossover on digital track

    Crossover on digital track

    Just bought a used analog set to extend my digital set up. Are the crossover/X tracks compatible or is that a no-no with the digital powerbase. I know you are not supposed to use the analog powerbase tracks even when not plugged in but I wasn't sure if the x tracks were usable or not.
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  • Updating Firmware on Digital 6 Car Powerbase


    I've returned to Scalextric after a good few years away and want to benefit from all the great new options that are available. I've purchased a new Scalextric Digital 6-car powerbase, SSDC software and a PC to C7042 USB cable (the cable I bought from the SSDC website).
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  • sullanciri
    started a topic do ghost cars need lane changers

    do ghost cars need lane changers

    during one of my more nostalgic moments, I decided to put up a large layout - using standard Carrera track pieces, using my digital control unit, but without lange changers (the plan was to race with just one car in each lane, just like one does with analog tracks)

    I used the digital...
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