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  • WHI13tan
    started a topic Mega-G upgrades

    Mega-G upgrades

    I have read some info regarding changing to smaller silicone tires but was wondering on what size to get and where to get them at. Additinally I was wondering if there was any other simple mods to do for either more speed or handling. I have the 1.7 version I think since it has the formula 1 body on...
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  • AlaskaMC
    started a topic Merry Christmas = Slot Cars!

    Merry Christmas = Slot Cars!

    I sure have a cool wife! For my birthday she bought me all sorts of sweet bling for my snow machine (mobile for all you folks in the lower 48). Most of my friends get ties and chore related gifts. NO soft packages or hidden agendas from my gal. Now to top it for Christmas, I find a Super International...
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    started a topic Questions from a new member

    Questions from a new member

    Hello all,

    Due to health reasons, I am now confined to indoor hobbies only and remembered all of the fun i used to have racing slot cars 50 years ago.

    I just ordered the tomy afx intl' race set and have a couple of questions based on the research I have done on sites like this....
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  • thoskirc
    started a topic Mega G crown gear

    Mega G crown gear

    What are you guys using to tighten up the crown/pinion mesh in your Mega G's? Is there something readily availabe (hardware store, etc.)? Our next race is Sunday night and if I order something, I may (or may not) have it in time.
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  • miamislotcar
    started a topic AFX Mega G till she blowes-up

    AFX Mega G till she blowes-up

    I'm doing an endurance run with a brand new AFX Mega G,on my banked speedway, at 12 volts.I'ts been 3 hours now.Some wear on shoes but everything else looks good.I'll keep you a"ll posted.What do you thing will happen?
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  • AGrant
    started a topic AFX 24 Hour Challenge - Replacement Set

    AFX 24 Hour Challenge - Replacement Set

    Ok, update. The LHS did not have another Big Block Battler set and the distributor was out of them. So, I paid $10 +tax more and got the 24 Hour Challenge. Wow - what a difference! Although not as long, its a great set. Large radius turns, Fantastic looking cars, and everything works great right...
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  • AGrant
    started a topic AFX Big Block Battlers - Lasted an Hour

    AFX Big Block Battlers - Lasted an Hour

    Well, frustrating is not the word for this AFX Set!

    First, the red car would not stay on the track. I had to push the magnets down closer to the track and it finally started running right.

    Second, the yellow car was the fastest, and all of a sudden, it slowed down tremendously....
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  • 1976Cordoba
    started a topic Mega-G blank Indy body fitment issue

    Mega-G blank Indy body fitment issue

    Anyone else notice this issue or am I just the lucky one?

    The plain blank body Panoz DP01 Indy body rides high at the tail compared to the deco'd Mega-G Indy cars I have. I have three blanks and they all do this. I also swapped out chassis from the deco'd cars to see if I had...
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  • afx-chris
    started a topic Thunderloop Chaser - Tomy AFX?

    Thunderloop Chaser - Tomy AFX?

    Does anyone know if the Police car in this set looks just like the one on the cover of the box. I just want to know if it's different than the previous released NYPD White version. If anyone knows, please do tell, and maybe even post a picture.

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  • Left4Dead
    started a topic Faster cars than Mega-Gs around $40?

    Faster cars than Mega-Gs around $40?

    Guys I just got back into hobby, got the mega g's ran them silly this weekend.
    I would like more speed. I know it costs more money, but it would be nice to also be able to get parts for it too.

    What should I be looking at. If faster they must hold on too. I have...
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  • dcnsimo3
    started a topic questions on different chassis

    questions on different chassis

    Im fairly new at last track was when i was 9 and I didnt even get to use it. It was the last one toyrus had and it was missing a car and some track so santa had to get his money back haha. Anyways, I just got the super international set and got a tyco 440x2 off ebay and built myself a 4x8...
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  • downtowndeco
    started a topic Let's hear from Mega G owners.

    Let's hear from Mega G owners.

    I don't have one of these yet because I've been waiting for the new sports cars to come out (next July? : )) but I read posts once in a while where people have had issues with them.

    I'd like to hear from all those who have at least one & have driven in for a decent amount of time....
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  • Any word on the AFX 24 Hour set for Christmas?

    Model Car Racing's rear cover announced the new AFX 24 Hour set as being available in July. Here we are close to Christmas and nothing of the set yet. Anybody have any information? Sure would like to have one under the Christmas tree!

    Jim Norton
    Huntsville, AL
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  • domer
    started a topic GT40 Body On AFX Non-Mag Chassis

    GT40 Body On AFX Non-Mag Chassis

    Hello all,

    I thought I'd share some photos I shot this evening (from my cell phone so quality isn't the best) of a TOMY GT40 body fitting nicely on a AFX non-mag chassis. The body fit isn't a perfect fit, but works very well.

    A friend in the local club I race with and I...
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  • freon
    started a topic mega g champ cars

    mega g champ cars

    I got the international set with the 4 champ cars. These are 1.7 mega g's correct?
    they do not appear like the 1.7 i read about. there are no removable bulkheads.
    they look more like the 1.5 that i see pictures of but longer??
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