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  • Simple lockdown track Scalextric Sport

    Pandemic lockdown track. A simple track for my 5 year old and I to race on, that fits in the living room. Mounted on 5 sections of 3/4" pressed shelf board (like MDF, was cheapest option available). Scalextric Sport track and borders fully copper taped. The gaps are there so it can easily be separated...
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  • New to SCI and reignighting my fetish for slot cars from 50 years ago!

    Hello everyone here at SCI! I am glad to be apart of this group! I was introduced to slot cars back in 1968 or so when I got my first slot car set for Christmas when I was 10. It was an Eldon set. I had fun with it but quickly wanted more. The next Christmas, I received a Revell set with the Bank turn...
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  • Fitzy
    started a topic HO Scale Club Racing

    HO Scale Club Racing

    Is there any Clubs or Tracks in the Capital District Area Of NY? If not any interest in creating a club and race tracks?.. Jeff...
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  • Very interesting Sticky is now an article in the HO Articles section

    This excellent article was a sticky thread in the HO section. It is now in the article section of SCI.

    With help more should be moved and posted there. So many can find out about the Hobby....
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  • Ponderwilu
    started a topic Talladega Resurrection

    Talladega Resurrection

    Helloooooo SCI, I'm ba-ack! Yep, its been almost ten long years since I decided to fulfill my childhood fantasy and build the 1/24th scale slot car track of my dreams.
    Knowing absolutely zero about how to go about it I merely Googled slot car forums and found this one. I began reading all the...
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  • Ntxslotcars
    started a topic Calling all AFX Track Experts...

    Calling all AFX Track Experts...

    Hey folks,

    I am building a new permanent track using Aurora AFX Speed Lok track.
    Through cleaning and close inspection, I have noticed a few things and have some questions for those of you out there that may know the specific details. Thank you in advance for your input.
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  • My Carrera 132 Digital 16x6F - Update - THE LAKE

    Hello guys!

    After selling my old Carrera 143 track, I bought almost 3 whole sets and set up a new track 132. I started the assembly in the living room and will eventually go to the roof of the garage. will be suspended with steel cables...

    Some photos and videos below....
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  • Bkumler
    started a topic Track layout Size

    Track layout Size

    Hello, I am new to this forum and new to 1/32 slot car world. I am looking to do a drop platform from my garage ceiling so my tow kids and I can race anytime we want without having to set things up and tear the, down at the time. Contralled by a winch to have it go up and down....
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  • dalejrfanfreak
    started a topic Free Track Builder for Photoshop

    Free Track Builder for Photoshop

    Hello! I realize there is a track design thread, but due to the nature of my announcement, I hope it is ok to create a new thread about track design that I hope many of you will be happy to learn about.

    I have created a free track builder for adobe photoshop which you can download at my...
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  • mosegris
    started a topic F1 track layouts - help needed

    F1 track layouts - help needed


    I seem to recall that I have seen some (F1) track layouts in this forum in different configurations regarding the details. Some were very simple layouts and some more complex and larger scale.

    I have searched high and low with no success.

    Can anyone point...
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  • dsaper
    started a topic Scx digital track for sale

    Scx digital track for sale

    I have (10) 360mm straights for sale. $6.00/ea. or $50 for all ten.

    I also have (1) SCX Digital Transformer # SWP1800360T. $15 or $10 if bought with the ten tracks.

    Shipping will probably be around $12 -$15 in the US but if it's less then I'll gladly charge only what...
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  • racercrazy
    started a topic Carrera 3/30 banked turns

    Carrera 3/30 banked turns

    I have a set of Carrera 3/30 banked turns with 6 supports and 12 red track clips for $30. I recently bought a little use Nascar D132 set for a decent price and I don't need/want the banked turns.

    I will figure out shipping on the back side. I will find the cheapest way to ship. I'm thinking...
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  • jackyickx
    started a topic "Pour Yourself a Raceway"

    "Pour Yourself a Raceway"

    Back in the October and November 1964 issues of Model Car & Track magazine, there was a series of articles on how to build the "So Cal" raceway, and if memory serves, it did not involve routing. Just laying a rubber or plastic slot strip, and then I guess you poured a resin to form the...
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  • Which track design software to use?

    The question of which software to use when planning a plastic or routed track, comes up every now and then. So I thought it might be useful to put all the information together in one place and provide a quick comparison of the various systems available.

    First we've got three editors...
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    started a topic 1/32 track for sale

    1/32 track for sale

    I have a ton of track and accessories for sale, Lap Counters, crisscross, pinch track various curves, short and long straights, guard rails, 8 controllers etc. Too much to list. My layout was 5 ft x 16 with several long straights and stilll had a bunch of extra track. Losing the room where the track...
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